“Cheetah” call helped Rams knock off Cardinals

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Whether it’s Hard Knocks or All or Nothing, I’m only interested in learning things I didn’t already know. The second episode of this year’s All or Nothing had nothing I, and most people, didn’t know. Episode Three, however, was different.

While the Rams finished 4-12 last year, they started 3-1. The third win came against the Cardinals, who were the subject of the first season of All or Nothing.

The preparation for the game begins with a reminder to the Rams’ defensive players of the shots previously taken against them by the coach of the Cardinals.

“This mutherf–ker does not respect you,” defensive backs coach Dennard Wilson tells the defensive players regarding Bruce Arians. “After we lost to them last year, you should have heard the sh-t that he said in his press conference. And I’m gonna let you hear.”

Wilson then played a clip of Arians dismissing the Rams and their defense: “Everybody’s been wanting to talk all that stuff about how great their defense is. I think they saw a good defense tonight. It’s in red and white. There’s an 11-3 team, and a team that’s always 8-8. You figure it out.”

“That’s what he thinks of us,” Wilson says. “Every time you line up and you go play against Arizona, he’s lining up saying, ‘We’re gonna whoop their ass.’ Because he has no respect for us. He don’t have respect for this coaching staff. He don’t have respect for you as players.”

For the offense, it was less about getting riled up and more about finding a fatal flaw in the red and white defense.

“Look at the tape,” running backs coach Skip Peete explains to players. “There’s several times that they have a hard time just getting up, getting set, getting lined up. A couple of teams have hit them, and they’re kind of milling around and haven’t even gotten lined up.”

In a meeting with the team’s blockers, offensive line coach Paul Boudreau insists that a successful play can be run without extended pre-snap signals.

“Why go through the ‘Black 80,’ all that bullsh-t?” Paul Boudreau says.

“What [Boudreau] is gonna tell the line is, ‘Listen, we need to go,'” position coach Chris Weinke explains in the quarterback room. “I absolutely love it. We want to get up. Don’t even give them a chance to make an adjustment. We’re gone.”

They dub the maneuver “Cheetah,” and they spot an opportunity to use it early.

In the huddle, quarterback Case Keenum invokes “Cheetah! Cheetah! Cheetah!” before breaking the huddle. He then finishes the call by saying, “On the Cheetah.”

The offensive linemen walk toward the ball, with all of them in a two-point stance. The center quickly identifies the middle linebacker, and then quickly bends over and snaps the ball. Keenum gets it, throws it quickly to receiver Brian Quick, who slips a potential tackle and sprints to the end zone for a 65-yard touchdown and a 7-0 lead.

Eventually, the Rams would win the game, 17-13. Spoiler alert: They lose 11 of the next 12.

12 responses to ““Cheetah” call helped Rams knock off Cardinals

  1. The same HC who lost at home on opening day last year to a rookie QB in Jimmy G. He brags about his D?

    Jimmy had a 106 QB rating in that game.
    Inexcusable. and laughable.

    Arians is a arrogant, egotistical fraud. Shoulda stayed an OC

  2. Barely escaped with a W and got drubbed 44-6 by the Cards in the season finale.

    “Because he has no respect for us. He don’t have respect for this coaching staff. He don’t have respect for you as players.”

    Probably true of most everyone the Rams played.
    You got to earn respect.

    2016 was one of the worst in the franchise existence. They were listless, uncompetitive, and a running series of PR disasters.

  3. You left out the part where the official tells the Rams that the play should have been flagged because the Rams weren’t set themselves before the ball was snapped, and they should be careful about any further quick snaps. I admired the official’s candor because he point blank tells the Rams they got away with one, but it’s a sad reminder of how much of a lottery the officiating is.

  4. For all the nonsense about the Patriots in a non-Patriot article, Arizona would have won the game if not for a bad snap on the game winning FG.

    Special teams was the main reason the Cards had a down season. They easily could have had four more wins in 2016.

  5. Well, will there be an episode after the loss on the road to the Saints? When they got blown out 49-21 ?

    the one in which the saints kept running up the score as Sean Payton wanted to thank Greg Williams for that suspension?

    That is gonna be awesome. I wonder what Williams said about his former team before and then AFTER that game?

  6. The same HC who lost at home on opening day last year to a rookie QB in Jimmy G. He brags about his D?>>>

    Jimmy G Was a rookie? He was drafted in 2014, might want to get your facts straight before you shoot off your mouth. You’re welcome.

  7. Jeff Fisher was right….

    They didn’t go 7-9, 0r 8-8, or 9-7, 0r even 10-6……but…


    Maybe treating a week 4 division game as your Super Bowl isn’t the best coaching strategy eh Jeff Fisher?

  8. Don’t all coaches say all kinds of things to fire up there players for any game?
    Really, one teams coach said another teams coach disrespected them!
    Must be a new tactic, said no one ever.

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