David Carr says Derek Carr took less to get Gabe Jackson signed

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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said when he signed his five-year, $125 million contract with the Raiders that he left money on the table to make sure Oakland could keep some teammates. Carr’s brother says one particular teammate was a very high priority.

According to David Carr, Derek took less money with the understanding that guard Gabe Jackson would be re-signed soon. That news comes from David Carr’s NFL Network colleague Dan Hellie.

Sure enough, Jackson got a new deal this week that added four years and $40 million to his contract. That means Carr knows that he’s going to have one of the NFL’s best guards protecting him.

Realistically, Carr couldn’t have left that much money on the table: He still took a contract that makes him the first player in NFL history to average $25 million a year. But Carr wanted both to make a lot of money and to have the Raiders re-sign one of his blockers, and he’s gotten his wish.

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  1. Carr needs to stop creating this false narrative saying he somehow sacrificed money for other players. It’s ridiculous that his camp can say that with straight faces when he’s the #1 highest paid player. Tom Brady has taken less to help the team, but Carr is laughable

  2. Sure I scooped up the biggest contract in NFL history, but I left a few bucks on the table. Its not about me, it’s about me helping my teammates get the $ they derseve.

  3. GQ’s should not wear mascara. And this one shouldn’t be the highest paid. Shouldn’t even be in the top ten. What’s he ever done, anyway.

  4. It’s in the best interests of Carr’s long-term career (and earning potential) to have a good o-line in front of him, so it’s obvious that he wanted the Raiders to keep Gabe.

  5. I’m calling BS on this …

    Obviously spinning the situation in an attempt to keep his teammates from becoming upset with his greed.

    Not buying this for a moment.

  6. Carr took 25MM, what does that mean he took less money?
    He hasn’t done anything yet. He had a good year last year and is now the highest paid QB. But it’s not like he went deep into the playoffs losing a close championship game.
    I think he got a fair contract, given the shortage of QBs. But he hasn’t proven himself to be Brady/Rodgers etc, so why does he think he left money on the table?
    If he took 22MM then he’s be leaving money on the table.

    I view this self serving comment negatively.

  7. Carr did take less money. He extended for 5 years, plus the remaining 1 year left on his contract. His contract is 126.5M over 6 years, so his average per year is not the $25m that is currently being broadcast.

  8. More jealousy. Tom Brady is the past and Derek Carr is the present.

    Deal with it.

  9. Too much money being paid out. Contracts can be back loaded, or utilize signing bonuses to defer cap charges – but the bills always come due. Penn is a FA next year, so what would a LT expect if guards are getting $11-12M a year? Mack will want Von Miller money, and will be a prime holdout candidate. Cooper is coming due and will look for elite WR money.

    Seen this story before.

  10. joetoronto says:
    Jul 1, 2017 9:52 AM
    More jealousy. Tom Brady is the past and Derek Carr is the present.


    TB isn’t “the past” until he says he is. Please don’t ever confuse the two or use them in the same sentence, until Carr wins FIVE.

    Deal with it.

  11. Good for him, but there are several smart QBs that structure this way,,,Brady, Stafford, Brees……..

  12. All Carr had to do is compare his perecentage of cap versus the top QBs portion of LAST YEAR’s cap and he can make the claim he left money on the table even though he’s paid more — because the cap increased.

    Creative math to make Carr and agent look good. He may have left a few hundred thousand off, it not very much.

  13. What he did was spread the bonus money out so that Jackson could be resigned THIS year.
    Carr is one of the best teammates ever in the NFL according to his teammates but you guys probably know him better than they do.

  14. They better win a SB this year. No way to keep this team together next year and beyond.

  15. Wow, so many haters on this thread all over Carr, a top 3 MVP candidate last yr, getting paid. FYI Brady has never, EVER, taken less money to help his team. What he did was restructure the contract to convert some of his money into a bonus, which opened space in the cap. The new restructured contract actually contained MORE money, the only difference was how and when Brady received it. Carr did leave money for his teammates, as not only could he have demanded 30 mill a yr and got it from someone, but also in how the deal pays out, giving the team flexibility in certain years. Tbh tho the bigger story is that every yr DC pays a 10% tithe to a local church every time he gets paid, and local churches are literally clamoring for him to visit them. But sure, Carr’s all about making money.

  16. nhpats says: is going to be a pleasure watching this guy flame out this season

    What makes you think DC will flame out? The fact he has taken massive leaps in each of his 3 seasons, to the point of being a legit MVP candidate last season? Or maybe that those first 3 seasons stack up very favorably when compared to elite QB’s and legends? DC had been a better QB through his 1st 3 seasons then Tom Brady was through his 1st 3 seasons. But sure, DC will just “flame out”, despite a championship quality team being built around him. Yup. You know what you’re talking about.

  17. The Nation is calm,but the other 31 seem very uneasy as I read these threads, especially the fans from the regional team located in the Boston area.

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