After cutting staff, Jamie Horowitz is cut himself by FOX Sports

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These are strange days at FOX Sports.

Just last week, the biggest news in the sports media and business world was that FOX Sports National Networks President Jamie Horowitz had decided to fire the entire writing staff at, deciding that readers weren’t interested in reading writers’ online content. Instead, under the Horowitz plan, the content at would come from FOX Sports’ TV talent, with things like radio host Colin Cowherd’s opinions comprising the entirety of the website.

This week the biggest news in the sports media and business world is that Horowitz just got fired.

The reasons for the firing aren’t clear, although an email from FOX Sports President Eric Shanks to members of the staff implies that there were problems with Horowitz not adhering to professional conduct.

“Everyone at FOX Sports, no matter what role we play, or what business, function or show we contribute to — should act with respect and adhere to professional conduct at all times. These values are non-negotiable,” Shanks wrote in his email.

Shanks added that a replacement for Horowitz will be found, but until then, Shanks himself is taking on Horowitz’s duties. It remains to be seen whether the next person in the job will stay the course that Horowitz set out. Either way, it’s apparently too late to save the jobs of the people Horowitz let go last week.