All or Nothing gives short shrift to Rams coaching search

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The final installment of the eight-episode All or Nothing focuses not on the 2016 season for the Rams but the aftermath of it. It begins with the search for a new head coach.

As to the show, the search ends as quickly as it begins, with no discussion of other candidates, no clips from interviews with candidates (including Sean McVay, who — spoiler alert — gets the job), no deliberations among the front office and/or ownership regarding who should be hired and, perhaps most significantly, why the Rams ultimately decided to hire the youngest coach in the NFL’s modern era.

While there surely were some sensitivities regarding the assessment of candidates for the job and the pros and cons of hiring McVay, some of the video from the search process could have been used. Moreover, and continuing on the good-for-goose-good-for-gander theme regarding the things that weren’t shared regarding the firing of Jeff Fisher, it’s not fair to spend so much time in Hard Knocks focusing on players who will get hired and fired and why they will get hired and fired but completely shoving those same considerations under the rug when it comes to firing and then hiring a coach.

The rest of the final episode has nothing to do with the 2016 Rams and is almost all about crafting an infomercial for the 2017 L.A. season, hyping McVay and his staff, the free-agent arrivals, the draft picks, the offseason workouts, and more. That’s good news for the Rams; given that 2016 quickly became a year to forget, the more the show focuses on the future, the better.

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  1. A season to forget! What about an owner to forget?
    Silent Stan continues to make a mockery of all fans that support his pathetic franchises.

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