Dak Prescott positioned to cash in off the field

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Dak Prescott made $450,000 in base salary last season and is scheduled to make $540,000 this season. He’s vastly underpaid based on his rookie season, meaning he can make more money off the field than from the Cowboys.

Other than a contract with Adidas, Prescott turned down endorsement deals last year in making it known he wanted to concentrate on football. During the offseason, though, Prescott has taken advantage of his newfound celebrity as quarterback of the Cowboys.

As Kate Hairopoulos of the Dallas Morning News points out, Prescott had sponsorship banners hanging everywhere at his three recent youth football camps. He also has mentions on his Twitter account of Nicholas Air, a private air travel service, Welch’s Fruit Snacks and Adidas. A photo shows him in his No. 4 jersey holding a Pepsi in one hand and a Tostitos bag in the other. Campbell’s Chunky Soup recently announced it had signed Prescott.

Peter Miller of Jabez Marketing Group handles Prescott’s marketing. Walter Jones Jr., part of Prescott’s management team at ProSource Sports Management, makes it clear Prescott still has his focus on football, calling Prescott’s day job “the train.”

“We knew he was capable of doing what he was doing, but no one had any idea this would happen as fast as it did,” Jones told Hairopoulos. “There were sponsors lining up for the opportunity to work with Dak. We got a great marketing guy, and he knew that he probably needed to wait, to see how things panned out before he decided to go with a particular sponsor. . . . A lot of these people tracked his performance in [training] camp, on and off the field. They kind of knew that he could be that guy. They were positioning themselves.”

12 responses to “Dak Prescott positioned to cash in off the field

  1. Bob became selfish with the ball and personally. He would decide to run after his primary target was not open, instead of reading through his progressions. Injury also plagued Bob. Bob also got the nick-name RG-me after thinking his first year accomplishments made him untouchable when his second year performance was less than spectacular. Blaming everybody else and not being a team player or taking any of the blame himself. Neither of which has been the case as of yet with Dak.

  2. tgillespie74 says:
    Jul 3, 2017 3:26 PM
    He needs to in get in touch with RGIII and get his one year wonder financial plan on how to get rich off the field.
    Nothing about Dak and RG3 is remotely similar. Completely different style of play, leadership, team environment, press conference presence.

    I feel less intelligent after reading your attempt at trolling

  3. another bookmarked thread to pull quotes from when Prescott has another great season.

    You can change your account name, but YOU’LL know it was you. Bad takes, wishful thinking, complete and utter lack of football knowledge will still reside on your side of the screen. I’ll just be the one reminding everyone of it.

  4. RG3 was great for a season, but he was the result of running the read-option. The league figured it out and now RG3 is done.

    Dak didn’t run the read option. He took care of the football. Hard to do as a rookie.

  5. He’s definitely played well, but two points to note. Firstly, the updated strength of schedule for last year shows Dallas was 29th.

    Secondly, teams weren’t expecting Dak to start the season and had little to no tape. But as the season wore on, teams studied him and the wins became less impressive. Ignoring the wins against teams that finished with 8 or fewer wins:

    wk1 – Close home loss v Giants
    wk6 – Big away win v Pack
    wk10 – Close away win v Steelers
    wk14 – Close away loss v Giants
    wk16 – Big home win v Lions*
    Playoffs – Close home loss v Pack

    I’ve asterisked the Lions game because Stafford was already injured by then. Accepting wk1 as a wake up call for Dak, he peaked in wk6, then as teams picked up tape on him, Cowboys’ results, ignoring the key-wounded Lions, went into decline – i.e. close away win, close away loss, close home loss.

    Is that significant? I say yes because opponents take a little longer to get used to scrambling QBs – but when they do, most scramblers struggle. Next year will be the crunch – his maturing versus teams growing wise to him, and presumably a tougher strength of schedule. Dak’s progress, or lack of, will for me be one of the main things to watch across all the NFL next season.

  6. tgillespie74 says:

    He needs to get in touch with RGIII and get his one year wonder financial plan on how to get rich off the field.

    RGIII needs to get in touch with Dak and learn how to become a pocket passer and read defenses.

  7. streetyson says:

    Is that significant? I say yes because opponents take a little longer to get used to scrambling QBs – but when they do, most scramblers struggle.

    You were trying to sound knowledgeable with that long reply, but you ruined it when you called Dak a “scrambler”. He’s a pocket passer. Try watching one of his games.

  8. The Danish ham better get it while he can because the NFL defenses know he is vulnerable to the pass rush and is a fraud.

    Last year will be another fraud year in the NFL history just like the rise of the Great Gimmick in Washington.

    From now on the Danish ham will lose more games than he wins and will cause Jerruh Jones’ face to suffer multiple face lift failures.

  9. Dak has fake autos out there he did with an auto-pen. Way to be honest Dak! Just look it up via google and you will see what he did with Panini America. What a loser

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