Illegal use of hands for Marshawn Lynch in soccer game

Getty Images

It appears that by now, everyone has learned that when you get close to the goal line, you give the ball to Marshawn Lynch.

But the Raiders running back might not be cut out for every sport.

Lynch made a brief appearance at a celebrity soccer game in Seattle, and finished as only he can.

Lynch took the field in flip flops, ran alongside former US men’s national team member Eddie Johnson, and when he got close to scoring position, picked the ball up and ran into the back of the goal. Other than being against every rule of soccer, it was brilliant.

Lynch even had some fun with the referee who gave him a red card, but it’s pretty clear it was all for show, considering the way Lynch snatched the card away, but later shook hands with the ref and tried to get a teammate to sign the souvenir card.

And as with all shows, having Lynch in it made this one better.