Matt Jones changes agents after asking for release

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Running back Matt Jones has dropped down the Redskins depth chart since the middle of last season and didn’t play at all in the second half of the year, which was the impetus behind his agent’s decision to ask for his client’s release earlier this year.

Hadley Engelhard said he “very politely” asked the team to drop Jones from the roster so that he would have a chance to catch on somewhere with a more promising outlook. That request was not granted and now Jones has hired a new agent.

Drew Rosenhaus tweeted a picture of himself with Jones on Sunday to welcome Jones to his agency. Assuming Jones still wants to move on from Washington, the move to Rosenhaus is likely designed to further his chances of realizing that goal and perhaps will include a less polite approach than the one Engelhard was employing.

Jones ran for 950 yards and six touchdowns on 243 carries over the last two seasons. He also lost six fumbles, which contributed to the team’s decision to elevate Rob Kelley to the lead back role at midseason last year.

11 responses to “Matt Jones changes agents after asking for release

  1. I love this guy’s violent running style, but honestly how can you trust him with all the fumbles? His agent may be able to get more money from a licensing deal with Butterfingers candy bars than as a running back in the NFL.

  2. bettis3636 says:
    Jul 3, 2017 9:17 AM
    Drew HAS TO BE the richest man in sports!!


    hardly ..the owners probably pay their butlers more than this guy makes ..apples & oranges

  3. Dude, you had the starting gig and lost it. It wasn’t just the fumbles, also the happy feet shuffle you do instead of plowing thru holes. Those are pretty much the two things you can’t do in the NFL.

  4. Id rather have a guy that fumbles every 30 something carries than a guy who runs into the ground after two yards.

  5. Hard to blame everyone else for this when it’s Jones who can’t hang on to the ball. If I was in ‘negotiations’ (as in, he has ZERO leverage, so WTF?) with him, I’d put a tape of him fumbling into the end-zone against the Lions on a loop and walk out of the office.

  6. If a general manager were to take over a job, the Redskins would have to be the most difficult team to pilot.

    There outlook for 2017 is mediocre at best, and then they will be faced with an impossible decision of paying a top-15 quarterback top-5 money, or letting said quarterback go and facing the reality of being 2-3 years away from solidifying the position again. Furthermore, their receiving corp has fallen apart and there are major holes all over the rest of the field.

    Good luck. Looks like the Redskins are going to be bad for another several years, and that won’t sit well with an impatient ownership who will quickly go another direction thus leading to the downward cycle starting all over again.

    The Redskins are forever unstable.

  7. If theres a chance someone would offer something for his services theres not point in cutting him when his asks for it until you have no choice.. Especially when he’s still young.

    I think this FO learned from giving up on David Amerson..

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