Eric Weddle happy to have a veteran like Tony Jefferson

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The Ravens are encouraged about the dimension free agent safety Tony Jefferson will bring this year.

But teammate Eric Weddle is also grateful for the work he doesn’t have to do.

In discussing the addition of the former Cardinals safety with the Baltimore Sun, Weddle admitted he spent more time than he’d have cared to teaching.

“No disrespect to any of the guys I’ve played with, but it’s nice not to have to explain why I do certain things or why I’m doing this in this coverage,” Weddle said. “From day one, he already had a feel for how I play and how to work off me.

It frees me up a lot more mentally. I don’t have to tell him after each play why I did this or, before the snap, let’s do this. He already knows. That is just light years ahead of most guys I’ve played with. I’ve loved every guy I’ve played with, but he’s just on another level.”

(And since Weddle said “No disrespect,” none of the former Ravens he apparently had to steer into position have to feel disrespected.)

The addition also puts more of a burden of expectation on the Ravens, who also loaded up at cornerback by signing Brandon Carr and drafting Marlon Humphrey to go along with Jimmy Smith.

9 responses to “Eric Weddle happy to have a veteran like Tony Jefferson

  1. He could have said it better. No disrespect BUT… IS disrespect. So he will never be a coach because he has no patience or relies on instinct (which is based on experience) and needs experience next to him to get the edge without having to explain.

    Any athlete who has played a sport at a high level knows what it’s like to have a Revis behind them or an all world catcher or even a coach who just knows when to align, call the right play etc. Pick a sport. Yeah, you can ‘do your job’ without explaining someone else’s. You play faster. Duh.

    He should have just told Jefferson and his position coach and left it at that. What if Jefferson gets hurt? Next man up is part of the “but”…

  2. If you want to interpret this as a shot at other teammates, it couldn’t have been anyone on the Ravens since last year was his first year there and Webb, a 9 year veteran, started as the other safety all year not to mention he is still on the team as a valuable reserve safety/nickel back. Weddle was the #1 graded safety in the league last year so he has earned the right to say what he feels.

  3. T Jefferson is a big loss for the Cardinals, but we are looking forward to a transition year with FA Bethea and then seeing what 2nd rounder Buddha Baker can do. Plus we have a healthy Honey Badger coming back. We couldn’t afford to bring him back, but Jefferson should do well in Baltimore with Weddle.

  4. Weddle was the #1 graded safety in the league last year so he has earned the right to say what he feels.

    He isn’t the best safety in the NFL. These graders from PFF aren’t the best. If that is where you so that. Don’t believe it.

  5. If anyone does feel disrespected by Weddle’s comment, than they need to check their ego. This is a grown man’s sport. If you can’t handle a little criticism then you aren’t cut out for the NFL.

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