Isaiah Crowell believes Browns are building something special

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The Cleveland Browns haven’t made the playoffs since 2003. They are on their seventh different head coach and sixth different general manager since making that playoff appearance and are coming off a 1-15 campaign.

But Browns running back Isaiah Crowell sees a light at the end of the tunnel.

According to Jordan Hill of the Columbus Ledger-Inquirer, Crowell thinks the Browns may have some surprises in store.

I feel very good about it,” Crowell said. “I feel like we’re building something special. A lot of people are underestimating us, but I feel like we’re going to shock the world.”

Going from 1-15 to the playoffs would certainly qualify as a shock.

The Browns have added 24 players through the draft alone the last two year. All 14 rookies drafted made the roster last season and are set to enter their second seasons with the team this fall. Three first-round picks this year (Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers and David Njoku) could also provide some front-tier talent to a roster that has been lacking for some time.

“I feel like all the guys we got are very talented,” Crowell said. “They’re going to be able to come out and help us tremendously from the start of the season. I just wish those guys the best. I hope they keep training hard.”

Even trending back toward .500 would be a big step for the Browns in 2017.

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  1. I actually feel better about the direction of the team than any in the last 15 years. I don’t expect to sniff the playoffs and injuries can derail anyone but their plan is coherent and so far seems to going accordingly. They’re assessing the trenches, adding depth and taking talent slowly at key positions. If they can put together 5-7 wins and get a definitive answer one way or the other at the QB position, the 2018 draft and subsequent season sets up very well.

  2. @ george1859

    Just for the record , the Browns were NFL champs in 1964 and appeared in the championship game in 1965. They were also highly competitive in the 1980`s, but we get your point. It makes you feel more significant , if you can put others down. To borrow a popular current phrase, SAD !

  3. I’ll bet this Browns team wins a playoff game before the Bungals win their first.

    Go Brownies.

  4. It all depends on the QB.

    I think they rolled the dice the right way this year. Maybe too many picks last year but Kessler has the makings of a very good career backup and you need one of those. Kizer has the talent to be a franchise QB but who knows.

    They have such a good OLine that it’s too bad the QB situation will make or break them.

    I still think they would have taken Prescott had he not gotten the DUI. Maybe Jerry dialed 911 that night. I mean, Kessler looked like a 5th rounder to me (and everyone I know) and has played better than I thought he ever would. (good coach/Oline). Prescott looked like a typical 2nd rounder to me.

    So yeah, some pieces are in place, some pieces have potential but they’re still minus the ‘big’ piece.

    I personally would love to see the Browns win it all because what happened to them with Modell was not nor will ever be fair. Really glad they found a way to keep the name, otherwise it would be completely unfair to generations of fans.

  5. OLine is much better. Defense is improving. Kessler looks like a good back up QB. Not sure what Kizer will be in the NFL yet and the WR group is raw. Definitely improving and have the appearance of a good plan. Probably 1-2 more offseasons before they can truly compete for a winning record. Solid work browns

  6. For all the haters …… Cleveland owns 8 Rings ……. at one point they played in 10 straight championships and won 7 rings ….. We may be down, but when we come back it will be glorious ….. (This doesn’t include the Cleveland Rams Championship in ’45)

  7. As a Bucs fan I have no dog in this fight, but my interest in the Brownies has been piqued ever since they started this “moneyball” thing. Their moves have been nothing short of brilliant.

    It’ll all depend on coaching and talent development from here, but I have a feeling the Browns may end up being VERY good in the next couple of seasons.

  8. The Browns seemed to be doing the things better. Good Luck to the Browns, they have a great fan base.

  9. Browns were a playoff level team when they were 6-3 a few years ago before Johnny Manziel showed off his “skills” and destroyed the teams momentum that Brian Hoyer had looking great.

    It’s not hard for a team that purposely threw a season for draft picks and to stockpile cap space to by a “miracle” be good the next year. Just ask the Colts.

    The Browns on defense alone looks like a really good fantasy league team. If they make the playoffs this year expect the NFL to look into their 2016 offseason because someone is going to call them out for manipulating the system. (Then expect Moneyball 2 starring the Cleveland Browns to be in theaters the following year).

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