Seahawks still looking for a right cornerback

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The Legion of Boom has, for most of its existence, resembled the Beatles, with John, Paul, and George forming the nucleus of the group and various guys playing the role of Ringo.

This year, it’s unclear who the Ringo will be.

Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune outlines the options for the man who will play right cornerback, across from Richard Sherman and in front of Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. DeShawn Shead continues to recover from a torn ACL suffered in January against the Falcons; he can’t be counted on for Week One. Other options include Jeremy Lane (pictured, with G.M. John Schneider), Neiko Thorpe, and Shaquill Griffin.

As Bell explains it, coach Pete Carroll has said that Lane currently has the lead, but that would result in the Seahawks needing a new nickel corner. As everyone saw in Super Bowl XLIX after Lane, playing nickel corner, exited with a badly broken arm and Tharold Simon entered, it takes only one glaring flaw to allow a defense to be exploited.

The question becomes whether Griffin, a third-round pick, can quickly step up once training camp opens. If he can handle the nickel assignment — or take a spot on the outside and let Lane slide inside in passing situations — that could be the best way to properly complement John, Paul, and George.

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  1. They play in a cupcake division and it won’t make a difference unless they choke away home field advantage in week 17 like they did this past year.

  2. Actually it doesn’t prevent Lane from playing nickel at all. Lane would play RDB in base sets and move inside for nickel or dime sets.

    This will limit exposure for Griffin at least during the beginning of the season. I have also read they are looking at McDougall as a “bigger” nickel to match up against pass catching TEs.

    Also I think you’re over simplifying what happened in the Superbowl. Once Avril went out and with Chancellor’s torn MCL the GOAT went off.

  3. They could also rush the passer effectively. There’s lots of ways to fix the right CB position. They need to run the ball well or none of this matters. Everyone acts like the hawks window has closed but if they run the ball in the top 10 they’ll be just as capable as any of being the best next year.

  4. To let the Cardinals come in and beat em at home when Arizona had only pride to play for and Seattle a first round bye on the line…….showed how close this team is to ordinary.

  5. I once met the Seahawks fan who’s been a fan since 83 (on here, no less). I know it’s a joke since my older brother and his best friend have been Seahawks and Vikings fans since the early 80’s (I’m a Lions fan, we live near Detroit). I watched those frustrating games with them and heard them glowingly talk about the mighty Kenny Easley, Steve Largent, Jim Zorn, Dave Krieg, Cortez Kenney and Joe Nash. So I guess that makes me half a Seahawks fan.

    So the myth of there being only ONE Seahawks fan since 1983 just isn’t true, there are 3 and a half!

  6. The Beatles were a garage band outside of one amazing guitar player (never utilized enough) and the best two male songwriters in R&R history, writing together and separately.

    Slow down much of their music, add a female vocalist and one can only imagine (no pun intended) as T.V. Carpio did in the movie ‘Across the U. with the song ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’.

    I was thinking and saying this as a kid in the 60’s and I believe it even more so now, after listening to many ‘covers’ that are better than the originals.

    So there, Florio and garage band son, wherever you are waiting in the wings (again, no pun intended).

  7. PS

    It’s about time Kenny Easley got recognized. Since Terrell Davis got in too, how come not even a whisper about Sterling Sharpe?

    Hopefully he will be one of those ‘almost forgotten’ superstars like Easley but someone thankfully remembered.

  8. My favorite Seahag of all time was Rick Mirer. What a stud that guy was, Seahag legend.
    Kelly Stouffer and Dan McGuire run close seconds…

  9. Isn’t Richard Sherman supposed to be the best corner in the league? Seahawks fans will tell you that anyway. Maybe if he guarded the opposing team’s #1 receiver all game instead of hiding on one side of the field they wouldn’t have such a glaring need at the position.

  10. Last season their pass-D had dropped to 8th in the rankings, and even when it was ranked 1st it couldn’t stop Brady’s SB49 comeback in what (until SB51) had been the biggest collapse in SB history. Some boom.

  11. The original Legion of “Boom” was Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Richard Charmin, and Brandon Browner. Browner left after the 2013 season, and he was replaced by Byron Maxwell, who left after the 2014 season. Therefore ever since they stole the 2013 SB, they have been looking for a CB opposite Charmin. They tried Tharold Simon there for a while, and Jeremy Lane, before DeShawn Shead.

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