Cowboys LB Damien Wilson arrested for aggravated assault with deadly weapon

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When teams wrap up their offseason programs, coaches often talk about the need to stay out of trouble in the weeks leading up to training camp because they want to avoid situations like the one Cowboys linebacker Damien Wilson finds himself in on Wednesday.

According to multiple reports, police in Frisco, Texas have confirmed that Wilson was arrested on Tuesday night. Details about what led to Wilson’s arrest haven’t come to light, but he has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Wilson has played in every game for the Cowboys over the last two seasons and made six starts during the 2016 regular season. He has 49 tackles and a half-sack in those appearances.

Wilson also found his way into pre-camp headlines last year when he was shot with a paintball and hurt his eye. Wilson avoided serious injury and an extended absence, but this development may have a bigger impact on his availability and standing with the Cowboys.

27 responses to “Cowboys LB Damien Wilson arrested for aggravated assault with deadly weapon

  1. As a sports fan and especially as an NFL fan, I suggest that offenders of the law for anything resulting in a felony should be quickly cut and denied access to ever play again. It is ridiculous that these spoiled and pampered and overpaid athletes feel they are above the law and can get away with criminal behavior. There are too many and it is a horrible example for youth who may have the ability to play at the highest level.

  2. Finally! Damien Wilson is stepping up to be a Cowboys team leader! Leading by example! Doing things the Cowboys Way!

  3. Wowee Zowee a marginal player getting in serious trouble.
    Maybe the agents are encouraging this crap:’ Hey get cut and go to a team that will let you play more and you get ‘Mo Monee’.

    Why else would they guys risk anything that could trash what little career they have?

  4. Last year this clown misses training camp because he got shot in the eye in a paintball game, OK accidents can happen but the very next offseason he is arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon? I get due process and I would like to see the details leading up this point but damn this looks really bad on Wilson’s decision making ability.

  5. It’s a regular thing in the NFL. The frequency that criminal activities occur from pre-draft through career is ridiculous. It’s not practice squad guys, it’s the active roster guys. The other pro leagues have their moments but football rules the roost when it comes to idiots.

  6. The NFL should schedule the next game between the Cowboys and Bengals at a prison yard.

  7. Jerruh will get this cleaned up in no time…

    I still can’t believe Dez receieved no punishment after the kidnapping in the walmart parking lot. SMH

  8. Leadership once again on display in Dallas.

    How much longer before the culture changes in Dallas?

    What does it take for the organization to recognize the need?

    Does someone (else ) have to die around the Dallas Cowboys to radically change the way things are done?

  9. jacunn2000 says:
    Kick this idiot off the team and the NFL. Obviously to stupid to be allowed in society

    I don’t necessarily disagree with your basic premise, and I generally try not to play grammar police here. The exception is when someone enters a public forum and calls someone else an “idiot” and “stupid” in a comment that hardly screams Mensa.
    You kick someone off a team, but OUT of the NFL. It’s “TOO stupid,” not “to stupid”
    Pot, meet kettle.

  10. Jerry Jones is & has always been the biggest problem in Dallas. He would never have gotten a ring if he hadn’t gotten lucky & hired Jimmy Johnson. Then, his ego got too big for him, so he got rid of Jimmy. They haven’t done squat since. Over a quarter century since their last SB win. Sad.

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