Jerry Jones’ wife to serve as his HOF presenter

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said last month that he knew who would be his presenter at the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies in Canton, Ohio this summer, but wasn’t yet ready to make a public announcement.

Jones made the announcement on Wednesday and his presenter is a woman he’s come to know quite well over the years. It will be Gene Jones, his wife of more than 50 years and the mother of their three children.

“Any recognition that I may have received throughout our years in the NFL has been the result of a group effort involving all of my family,” Jerry Jones said in a statement. “Gene is the backbone of our family, and her influence guides and inspires all of us.  She is my closest advisor, my best friend, and it is only fitting that she present me, and represent our entire family, at this very special time.”

Kurt Warner’s wife Brenda will be presenting him at the August 5 ceremony. Mrs. Warner and Mrs. Jones will be the third and fourth wives to serve as Hall of Fame presenters for their husbands, joining Kim Singletary and Deanna Favre on the list.

30 responses to “Jerry Jones’ wife to serve as his HOF presenter

  1. For all the secrecy Jerry was eluding to last month I must say this was an anti-climatic choice.

    I was hopeful it would be co-presenters, Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer. THAT would have made for a memorable moment on stage.

  2. Jimmy Johnson should be in the Hall of Fame way before Jerry Jones. Jerry Jones won one playoff game without Jimmy Johnson’s built teams and the NFL is still using his 30 year old draft value chart.

    All Jerry Jones knows is how the make money. His football acumen is sub par at best. The only great thing he did was hire Jimmy Johnson. The worst thing he ever did was fire Jimmy Johnson.

    Jimmy Johnson needs to be in the Hall of Fame…and Roger Craig,

  3. How Jerry Jones ever got into the Hall of Fame should be under Federal investigation. It obviously isn’t correlated to post season wins.

  4. What’s Jerry Jones’ claim to NFL fame? Disgracefully treating an NFL legend (Tom Landry) when he bought the Cowboys? Running Jimmy Johnson out of Dallas based on jealousy?

    Jones getting into the HOF is a joke. It’s little wonder that probably no Cowboys coach or player (not even Michael Irvin) wanted to present him.

  5. You trolls are absolutely pathetic. Not even worth a laugh (well maybe the glory hole one, you sob). Kudos to Jerry for his pick, he has stayed true to his family and I have to applaud the man for that.

  6. Yeah he’s been true to his family except when those pics leaked of those two 20-something girls that were all over him. Jer was hammered that night.

  7. Why not those two girls he was videotaped cavorting with a couple of years ago? Are they busy with a different pathetic billionaire that day?

  8. You know who really belongs in the HOF? It’s Jerry Kramer. It is a sin that he hasn’t been selected.

  9. I showed up to read the comments….not bad, but given it is Jerrah we’re talking about, I was expecting more. Did like the glory hole and 20-somethings though. I too am a little puzzled as to what exactly he’s done to warrant a HOF nomination, but since media presence = HOF (yeah, I’m looking at you Swann and Dierdorf) I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

  10. Gee, I wonder if Mrs. Jones will make mention about artwork she installed in Jerry’s Palace……..

    I thought for sure Jerry would chose the mysterious “Ms. Brown” that traveled with Jerry and the team …….

    What a shame Dan Coryell the architect of the modern offense hasn’t been inducted into the HOF, but they chose Jerry…….go figure!!!!!

  11. Jerrah is married? Read Jeff Pearlman’s fascinating book on the Cowboys where JJ patrols hotties in Dallas bars with wads of cash saying “you wanna go to paradise?”

  12. I thought the girls in the picture would present him, maybe thats for the after party when wifey goes to bed.

  13. it’s common knowledge jerry likes to have a good time and maybe he has a cart blanch from his wife. you can expect to see all jerry’s mistresses and a few strippers in the front row for his hof speech.

  14. Jerry jones is responsible for the modern NFL and the reason some of these teams were able too stay in there old cities. Green Bay and the like. His revenue sharing so they could continue there brand

  15. Wow, just wow? So now the PRESENTERS get their separate spot light?? Count me out. Will not watch. See you on the golf course. Better use of time.

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