Report: Dak Prescott accused of fake autographs

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Dak Prescott has to sign a lot more autographs now than anyone anticipated a year ago.

And he’s being accused of getting some help with them.

According to Darren Rovell of, the Cowboys quarterback has been accused of using a machine to sign autographs for a memorabilia company for resale.

A company which authenticates signatures has refused to verify the authenticity of the signatures.

“They had a very machine like feel. You could see the starts and stops,” said Steve Grad, principal authenticator of Beckett Grading Services. “I immediately knew they were autopen. . . . I’ve never heard of a modern athlete doing this.”

There’s been no comment so far from Prescott or his agents, but it makes him the second NFC East quarterback in the midst of a memorabilia scandal, along with Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who is accused of passing off gear as game-worn when it may not have been.

33 responses to “Report: Dak Prescott accused of fake autographs

  1. I never understood why anyone would want someone’s autograph unless they’re a kid getting it themselves in person somewhere.

  2. Well this should at least shut up the Dallas portion of NFC East fans that have been all over Eli Manning for the helmets.

  3. He doesn’t even have that long of a name. How much does this machine cost? How much time do you save? I hate everyone

  4. I thought most athletes used auto pen? I have a certified Elway autograph on a helmet and it is certainly not hand wrtten. I think “certified” means that it is a true copy of the original, which is a little bit shady.

  5. jm91rs says:
    Jul 5, 2017 12:31 PM

    Well this should at least shut up the Dallas portion of NFC East fans that have been all over Eli Manning for the helmets.

    nice try. but your guy is accused of having already sold “not” game worn memorabilia, whereas, this card company was already accused after the draft by having distributed cards with auto signatures. could be a simple example of a company trying to max their profits by pushing some fake autos through.

  6. Oh boo hoo, say it ain’t so joe. Any idiot knows when you get an autograph you WATCH THE GUY SIGN IT. Well, except for redskins, giants and eagles fans, they probably don’t have sense enough to know that. Get em Dak, lol. It’s gonna be a Cowboys kind of year.

  7. Serves them right, I will never understand the desire to have an autograph…..

  8. I think there should be a full scale investigation of Dak . He should be suspended for the entire season. And there you have it…Romo returns!

  9. Off with his head! Or hand! Whatever. Does anyone care if a machine was used??? Public officials have been doing it for years? What, you thought the president signed 8m Christmas cards every year by himself? Non-story. Hardly a scandal.

  10. I’m no Cowboy fan, but there is a long way to go to suggest Prescott was in on this scheme. He might not have had any idea it was going on.

    Either way, what is the point of an autograph if you weren’t there to get it yourself? To show people you are willing to pay ten times the worth of something just because someone famous wrote on it? It’s idiotic.

    I understand it if you want to commemorate a meeting with the athlete himself. But what do I care if I’m holding the same trading card Dak Prescott or even Peyton Manning once held? So what?

  11. actually this is more common than you think. For collectors you have to check to see if it was an autopen or not. Most will list it that way if it was. It sounds like the machine was malfunctioning because from what I understand, you can not tell the difference

  12. Unless you’re a kid, getting the autograph in person, it’s all just silly. You never know if they’re authentic. And what’s the point? “This is how he scribbles his name when he’s in a hurry.” Whoa.

  13. Where can I get a machine like that….??
    I have a lot of autographs to sign in the near future…

  14. Uh, I never knew the celebrity is expected to manually sign a single the every item, boy the hand may falls off. I dunno what the hubbub is, is mass merchandising, get over it.

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