Doug Williams on role: “I’ve never been a ‘yes guy'”

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It’s reasonable to wonder whether anything actually changed when Washington restructured its front office, since the top two decision-makers — owner Dan Snyder and team president Bruce Allen — stayed in place.

But new senior vice president of personnel Doug Williams and those who know him insist that’s not the case.

In a lengthy profile by Liz Clarke of the Washington Post, Williams staked his claim to his independence in the job, describing his own input in the new structure which put him on equal footing with coach Jay Gruden.

I’ve never been a ‘yes guy,’ ” Williams said. “Now, can I be someone who can talk things over and work it out? Yes. I know Jay well and Bruce well. And I know there are going to be times when we may not agree. That’s a good thing; that’s what scouting is all about.”

Ostensibly, Williams is over the top of the personnel process, with contracts and cap management in the hands of Eric Schaffer. But Snyder and Allen have put structures into place before which didn’t last, with the recent firing of General Manager Scot McCloughan after two years just the latest example.

Williams didn’t want to get into great detail when it came to defending his authority, and said his goal was to build consensus within the building. He created his own job description during the post-McCloughan shakeup, and those who know him well insist it’s legitimate.

Lawyer Cyrus Mehri, who represents the hiring equality advocate Fritz Pollard Alliance, forcefully disputes the notion that hiring the former Super Bowl MVP was a symbolic move, defending Williams’ credentials.

“Anyone with one iota of thought that this is window dressing needs to put that out of their mind because that would be, number one, inaccurate, and two, unfair to Doug Williams,” Mehri said.

But until Snyder and Allen leave a structure alone — and it works — people will continue to wonder whether the franchise will ever regain the kind of stability it enjoyed when Williams was playing.

12 responses to “Doug Williams on role: “I’ve never been a ‘yes guy'”

  1. I like Doug Williams, and I think he’s actually put in a lot of solid work to get into a higher talent evaluator/GM position.

    That said, it’s Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder. If Williams wasn’t a beloved player in Skins lore, he wouldn’t be around the Skins organization. And even with him being around, you know the buck stops with Allen/Snyder anyway.

  2. Doug is good, but it’s tough sledding in that organization. They just slandered poor McCloughan to get him out of town for the latest example, and we have many from the last 20 years.

  3. As long as Fritz Pollard and EEO exist, people will wonder if blacks really earned their jobs or if they are just checking some PC box. That’s one of the many problems with these social engineering scams.

  4. Matters not if this a PR hire, or a brilliant organizational move… Redskins will screw it up either way. It’s what they do.

  5. Daniel Snyder is the guy, and he is the ONLY guy. Everyone else are front men. That said, the front office is running smoother. They are managing the salary cap much better, actually since Bruce Allen’s arrival. Williams was not promoted to be the “No” man and he said as much before.

  6. “They just slandered poor McCloughan to get him out of town”

    This simply isn’t true. As a matter of fact the organization sort of went out of its way to say nothing but good things about Scot when he was let go. Mike Jones of the Washington post is pretty much the only one who went on and on about the team bashing Scot but no one else confirmed those stories. I liked Scot and I’m bummed it didn’t work out but he was let go from two other organizations for a reason.

  7. eg2crx ,

    Keep swallowing it. Snyder depends on sheep like you to look the other way while he continues running that franchise into the ground. Because refusing your GM to speak to the media, leaking that he has a drinking problem that the players apparently all in unison didn’t know existed, and then firing him the day after he through his agent declares that he’s sober and ready to work screams going out of your way to say good things about people. They’re doing great. I see nothing but the last 20 years of success in your next 20 because Daniel Snyder is pretty young and healthy looking.

  8. The Pollard organization is a sham – it is so one way in its racial purity – it has no position and does not even notice the over representation of black players compared to their percentage of the population – this must be remedied if we are to ever worry why blacks aren’t represented in management.

    Either Pollard is truly interested in racial equality or they are a racist organization that wants the black to be superior.

    I personally think the best should be hired at all levels regardless of race. Pollard can blow it out its keister.

  9. Realfootballfan

    -This is probably the only instance where I’ve defended anything Bruce or Dan did. What I posted was the truth. Neither came out and bashed Scot. I don’t think he should’ve been fired and I was pretty upset about it but the idea that he was publicly bashed by anyone other than stories by Mike Jones is simply untrue.

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