Ex-NFL player De’von Hall accused of murdering his mother

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De’von Hall’s NFL career consisted of just four games with the Colts, and scattered appearances on other teams’ practice squads. But while Hall’s name isn’t known to most NFL fans, his story is now getting a great deal of attention. And it’s a disturbing story.

The Los Angeles Times ran a long feature today about Hall’s descent into mental illness, which culminated in the death of Hall’s mother, for which he has been charged with murder. The story says that some of Hall’s college teammates feared he would snap and kill someone, though they thought it would be a stranger, not his mother.

The family blames the NFL.

“The NFL, in my opinion, should’ve done a better job in making sure they took care of this kid,” his mother’s brother Tony Benson said.

Hall is being held on $1 million bail and is refusing to see visitors. Some of his family members think he is so lost to mental illness that he doesn’t even realize his mother is dead. His public defender argues that he is not competent to stand trial.

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  1. The family blames the NFL because they want to sue someone with money. Under no circumstances can the NFL be blamed for not making sure a guy who played four games doesn’t kill somebody years later.

  2. NFL’s problem?, …maybe a family member or college pal should have stepped up! Sounds as if he had issues long before his short stint in the NFL.

  3. NFL’s not to blame, obviously. Though there have been a couple guys in recent memory with obvious mental health issues who didn’t get help for whatever reason.

  4. Well, after reading the linked LA Times story we at least know it clearly wasn’t the heavy daily pot use and attendant brain damage.

  5. So his college teammates knew about it but it’s the NFL’s fault. Makes perfect sense.

  6. The family knew and did nothing…….believe it or not….don’t blame the NFL.

  7. I don’t know why the other insensitive commentors here jumped to a conclusion that his family is looking for a lawsuit. Clearly, they are saying that this guy, from his senior year in college onward, didn’t appear to be the same person in the same vane as Tre Mason now, yet the NFL teams just cared about the athleticism. Whether some of you want to face it or not, running into each other at high velocity is breaking some of these people, and at the very least, the teams could make sure they’re not making it worse by trying to exploit them further. They have access to the best neurologists and doctors in the world, so it might be prudent to figure out how or why this happened.

  8. Of course it’s the NFLs fault. They have a lot more money. Sad part is this happens an awful lot in this country. Don’t go after the people with the deepest pockets. Go after those that are responsible. After all, Justice is what you are seeking for the lost life. Is it not?

  9. “So his college teammates knew about it but it’s the NFL’s fault. Makes perfect sense.”

    His college teammates noticed after his brief NFL and CFL stints. And the reason they were brief NFL & CFL stints is because the NFL team executive and players themselves were scared of him.

    Read the story.

  10. It’s obvious she cared a lot about her child…she gave him the “De” AND the apostrophe at the beginning of his first name.

    The family is just trying to profit off their tragedy. The NFL obviously had nothing to do with this but they have the deepest pockets of any that have ever come in contact with the crazy dude.

  11. Wisconsin’s Favorite Son Jeffrey Be Dahmed says:

    I see this a lot around here.


    Yeah Minnesota has some strange people.

  12. The family blames the NFL? Really? He had a 4 game career. And it was the NFL? Not everything else up to that point. Wow. I cant believe there are not ex-NFL players wiping out their families wholesale!

  13. Hmmm, sounds like during college he changed, very possibly schizophrenia.

    Seems much less likely to be concussion-related–I mean if he was still in college and having issues, that is the typical age when it first manifests…18-23 or so..

    The bigger issue is despite his increasingly odd behavior did any team actually try to get him to mental health services?

    Or did they just let him become someone else’s problem?
    IE Barett Robbins, Demetrious Underwood, Tre Mason. Titus Young.

    While concussions are very much in vogue…younger players having so many outbursts and legal trouble is much more likely to be bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. But less of a stigma to blame a concussion than mental illness.

    The strangest case may be demetrious underwood–as Michigan state coaches told every scout that underwood missed most of his senior year due to mental health issues and could not play in the nfl. And…the Vikings took him anyway with a 1st round pick…

    Titus Young–possibly bipolar although his entourage wants to blame concussions.

  14. The family does nothing as long as they thought this guy would bring in the big money. Now they blame the NFL? Here is some news – the NFL was employing him – NOT adopting him. How is the NFL supposed to “take care” of some fringe player that barely played and was gone quickly. Why didn’t the player’s family “take care” of this guy?

  15. But, but, but he was accused of a crime? He must have played for the Cowboys….Oh, wait he didn’t. I guess other teams have problem players as well. Weird…

  16. So out of the various possibilities, they decided to mention only the NFL connection in this story…typical.

  17. jpaq68 says:Jul 6, 2017 11:52 PM

    Sound like De’Vons brother wants to get PAID


    Reading comprehension is so hard for some people. It says the mother’s brother so that would make him De’Von’s uncle

  18. Um his college teammates said he was most likely to murder someone. Thats before nfl right? The nfl isnt a big brother program for petes sake

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