Gary Barnidge hasn’t heard from Ravens, yet

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The Ravens need tight ends. Tight end Gary Barnidge needs a job. Those two objectives have yet to intersect.

Via the Baltimore Sun, Barnidge told Glenn Clark Radio that the veteran right end has yet to hear from the Ravens.

They know who to contact, who to call,” Barnidge said. “I just know we haven’t heard anything yet, which is fine. . . . I’m in no hurry. I’m staying in shape. I’ll be ready when that call comes, so I’m in no rush right now.”

The Ravens lost Dennis Pitta to his third dislocated hip, and Darren Waller recently was suspended for at least one year.

“I still think I have the ability to be a No. 1, and I’ve showed that the last two years,” Barnidge said. “One thing people always talk about is your age, your age, your age. They talked about it two years ago. They talked about it last year. And my age has not done anything. I’ve been able to produce at my age, no slowing down.”

The market for Barnidge since his release by the Browns after the draft hasn’t been slow; it’s been non-existent. Still, whether it’s the Ravens or someone else, injuries and other developments will create a need, and Barnidge likely will get a call, at some point.

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  1. A lot of teams could use this guy. I know he’s had concussions, but who hasn’t in this league. Some just hide it better than others, that’s the dirty truth.

  2. Don’t the Ravens have Ben Watson, Crockett Gilmore, Maxx Williams, and Nick Boyle all still at Tight End? Pretty sure the Pitta injury and Waller suspension just made their decision easier on who to keep on the roster. But I don’t think they need Gary Barnidge.

  3. About the concussions, you’re mistaken him for the other good Browns Tight End Jordan Cameron who suffered a series of concussions. Barnige has suffered only one concussion back in 2015 and missed 1 week.

  4. The Ravens priorities are keeping Flacco happy, so they bent over to sign a very mediocre to begin with, THEN very damaged, Dennis Pitta. Flacco used him as a crutch to gain a few non-productive yards instead of making plays and first downs downfield. They were perhaps the worst QB-receiver duo in football, but you’d think they were HOF material. Yet they won’t sign Barnidge.

  5. He’d definitely help a lot of passing games. He’s a solid receiver but he’s an exceptional pass blocker. With a shortage of good OL, you’d think somebody would want to grab him now before training camp cuts.

  6. How does a TE with 55 catches, 612 yds and 2 TD’s not be on a team?


    When you get cut by the 1-15 Browns, obviously teams are going to take longer to research to figure out why was he cut. I still don’t understand why the Browns didn’t trade him.

  7. js4strings says:
    Jul 7, 2017 6:44 AM
    How does a TE with 55 catches, 612 yds and 2 TD’s not be on a team?

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    Concussions, money expectations and attitude problems.

    Lots of reasons especially when you can get one for cheaper than him, with the same kind of ceiling.

    The Pats are sitting on a couple of em right now behind Gronk and Allen.

  8. This guy could start for about a dozen teams right now, if not be a top end backup on about 25 teams. It was kind of an odd time that Cleveland cut him too. Maybe there is a looming suspension or injury that has been kept under wraps? That can be the only thing that is preventing this guy from being signed. Maybe he was clamoring for another contract extension but he doesn’t seem like the type to do that.

  9. Unless Watson’s or Williams’ injuries from last year keep them out of training camp (which doesn’t seem like it will be the case for Watson since he did individual drills during OTAs), Barnidge shouldn’t expect to get a call from them either. They’re fine with those two, Gillmore and Boyle.

  10. it’s not his age, it’s his history of serious concussions;

    the next one will almost certainly put him out of football permanently;

    after the history teams like the Lions and 49ers and Steelers have had with concussion-prone players, Gary has zero chance of playing again;

  11. As a Browns fan, I couldn’t understand why they cut him. It isn’t a negative to have 2 good options at TE. I would have thought someone would have grabbed him almost immediately. The fact that no one has makes me think there is more to this story.
    As for his stats, I think its also important to note, those come when playing on a 1-15 team. I’d imagine they’d go up considerably on a good team.

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