Revis should wait for the postseason

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With the Jets owing cornerback Darrelle Revis $6 million in 2017 if he doesn’t play and with the Jets getting a dollar-for-dollar credit for any money he earns elsewhere and with no one likely to pay Revis significantly more than $6 million this year, the best business move for one of the best NFL businessmen of the past decade would be to not play this year.

By “this year,” I mean this calendar year. Come January, Revis should pick a team that has a need in the secondary, show them he can still run and cut and do whatever he needs to do to perform at an acceptable level, join a roster, and showcase his talents in during the playoffs. If, obviously, someone wants him.

The approach would have several benefits for Revis. First, he’d get his full $6 million from the Jets, since that’s regular-season salary not postseason playoff share. (As one league source explained it, the Jets could argue that they deserve credit for whatever he earns in the postseason. Even if they’d win on that point, the playoff share pales in comparison to the $352,000 that Revis will get for each regular-season game in 2017.) Second, he’d potentially add to his Hall of Fame credentials by snaring a second Super Bowl ring. Third, he’d be able to remind the league of his skills and abilities when most of the league is making plans for free agency with postseason performances in mind — which would be the perfect way to lay a foundation for getting maximum compensation on the open market.

And so at a time when the best business move would seem to be waiting until the 2018 season, the truly ideal approach could be to wait only until the 2017 regular season ends.

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  1. Just curious, where’d the 352k per game come from? 6mil/16 games is $375k. I’m assuming hes not making the full 6mil that’s just an estimate? or do they get paid for the bye week? ahhh they get paid for bye weeks!? so its divided by 17, answered my own question.

    I figured they only got 16 checks

  2. What team is going to pay a player that :
    A – hasn’t played in a year

    B – played poorly their last year.

    C – quit on the team and stopped making tackles or jamming receivers.

    What would you pay, veterans minimum, plus an incentive bonus for “showing up and playing hard”? How do you measure that?

  3. While it makes sense from a dollars perspective, how likely is Revis to immediately start on a true Super Bowl contender? Most of the playoff teams will have a solid starting lineup. It would take a significant DB injury just as the regular season is ending to a team with poor depth. Seems like the odds are low of all that happening.

  4. Yeah, because teams love adding a big name to the team (and to the locker room) who expects playing time and accolades when it’s the most important time of the year…

    Oh, and all that for a guy who was terrible in 2016 and willingly chose not to play in ’17 because it was “for free” in your world, despite getting $6 million.

    How delusional are you?

  5. It’s an incredible long shot to say the least, that a playoff caliber team, would want an aging cornerback, whose last on field performance did not instill confidence in a former organization that was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Not playing for an entire year isn’t going to help either. He would have little to no impact for a team, unless they literally lose their starting two corners, and the system suitable to his current skills. The stars really need to align for this to even be taken slightly seriously.

  6. But, snaring a Second Super Bowl Ring? New England already let him walk, so no chances there… Perhaps he’d secure a position with the best NFC team, but we all know the Pat’s are headed to another Super Bowl and another Super Bowl victory…

  7. This isn’t baseball -it takes time and reps to gel in a defensive secondary. Aside from that reality, not only has Revis lost a step, but he’s become lazy and complacent, which is one of the reasons he didn’t resign with New England having previously expressed how much more work it was there.

  8. Considering his level of play last year I wouldn’t expect Revis to be able to get any playing time on a playoff caliber team.

  9. Sounds good in theory, but pretty bold of a playoff-caliber team to bring on a 30+ year-old to play the hardest defensive position there is in games of that magnitude. Not to mention, the last time he was on an NFL team, he was horrible.

    Also, you don’t see many teams in the playoffs with terrible CBs

  10. The best business decision is for Revis to find the passion to play again, and see if training can help him recover some of those skills which made him a great player.

    Football players can’t decide when they want to compete or not, injuries are an inevitable part of the game. And no playoff team would gamble on a player who hasn’t played during the season in a postseason game, when just one mistake can easily be the difference.

    You’re either in or out in sports, it’s a binary situation. If Revis isn’t 100% committed to playing, it’s best for everyone if he steps aside to move on to the next chapter of his life.

  11. the Giants should totally sign him during a possible 2017 playoff run, they’ve signed so many former Jets already, whats one more?

  12. “intrafinesse says:
    Jul 6, 2017 12:24 PM

    What team is going to pay a player that :
    A – hasn’t played in a year
    B – played poorly their last year.
    C – quit on the team and stopped making tackles or jamming receivers.

    What would you pay, veterans minimum, plus an incentive bonus for “showing up and playing hard”? How do you measure that?”

    There is only one team that I could think of…The hapless Minnesota Vikings.
    A) They think he is well rested.
    B) The Vikings were too busy celebrating the first part of last year to notice how anyone else performed
    C) The defensive backfield already plays by their own rules and does not follow the defensive calls from their coaching staff.

    He’d be a perfect fit and the perfect scapegoat when their season falls apart…again:)

  13. But what if every team goes 8-8 and there aren’t enough tie breakers for us to have playoffs? Huh? What then?

  14. It’s actually a horrible risk for Revis and his reputation. He won’t really know his team’s defense and he’d be going up against the very best the league has to offer in terms of quarterbacks and receivers. He was great for six years. Five of those were in NY and one was in New England. That doesn’t do it, especially when there’s a backup at that position with Law and Dawkins waiting to get in and both played a high level for a long time. Revis just didn’t do enough.

  15. it is delusional to think a guy can just
    show up and flip a switch, playing every
    down as a starting cb at age 33.

    absolutely delusional

  16. No playoff team will sign a 32 year old CB who didn’t play all season, played poorly (played “old”) the previous year, has shown a poor work ethic (weight problems, out of shape in 2016 when he had turned 31, and who can’t tackle (so safety is out).

    What team wants a guy who hasn’t played in their defensive system all year long? Only a team that knew the guy already. Of likely playoff teams, the only team with a coaching staff that knows Revis are the Patriots. The Patriots cut Revis loose 3 years ago. Belichick isn’t dumb or sentimental. The Patriots have plenty of DB depth that Belichick would start at CB ahead of Revis. If Belichick thought Revis had anything left he’d sign him right now and take advantage of the $6mm the Jets are paying.

    But, not hard to understand how this story got around. Revis’s agent is spreading it to any media who need filler material.

  17. Another big problem is how does a team handle adding a player to the roster and immediately suffering a salary cap hit?
    They would have to pay him vets minimum plus the rest in a signing bonus, so it could be amortized later on.
    Knowing Revis, after he got paid, he’d just dog it again.

    What team would do that?

  18. Unless he loses 20-30 pounds he won’t be getting back on an NFL field

  19. Seahawks would do well to consider him. Their secondary is way too reliant on a few draft picks, plus Earl Thomas is recovering from a broken leg and Richard Sherman seems to be losing his mind.

    Hate Revis and love the Hawks but they should at least do some due-dillegence here

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