Cliff Avril: Story about divided locker room is “fake news”

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The Seahawks have denied all offseason they have a divided locker room. Defensive end Cliff Avril went a step further Friday, calling the story “fake news” created to make headlines.

“I think it’s all fake news,” Avril told Nick Ferguson and Brian Webber on TuneIn’s NFL No Huddle. “I think it’s all dead. It was a dead period so people needed something to talk about. At the same time, too, let’s be honest, there are 90 guys in the locker room right now. There is no way that 90 guys are going to always get along, and that’s just what it is. I’m pretty sure there are people at your job right now that’s way less than 90 that don’t get along. That’s just part of it. Now as far as it being Russ [Wilson] and [Richard] Sherm or Russ and whoever, I don’t think that’s true. I’ve never had any issues with Russ. I don’t think anybody has any issues with Russ. We all want the best for Russ, and Russ wants the best for us. That is the only way we are going to succeed.

“I haven’t seen it. I don’t know what they are referring to. Maybe they know something that I don’t know.”

ESPN’s Seth Wickersham wrote a story in May with anonymous team sources saying an offense-vs.-defensive rift had developed in Seattle, stemming from the Seahawks’ loss in Super Bowl XLIX in the waning seconds. Sherman and Wilson dismissed the story.

8 responses to “Cliff Avril: Story about divided locker room is “fake news”

  1. Straight up if you played football, if you ball out like Russell Wilson, you get respect in locker room no matter how nerdy you are. It how sports is.

  2. So all is well but somehow the only 2 names you could come up with were Wilson and Sherman. Gee, didn’t we read about Wilson not being enough of something or other enough so as to inspire Sherman to comment on Wilson’s “deficiency”?

    Sound like a loving, nurturing locker room alright.

  3. I think it started with that silly facebook stream during a haircut. people think a quarterback is a great leader. A great leader is the CEO of coordinating 53,000 employees at Google. not 120 guys who work out a lot together.

  4. The Seahawks are still trying to downplay Richard Sherman’s anger at their incompetent offense. Truth is, he has a right to be angry.

    Check out these point totals: 12 against Miami, 3 against the Rams, 6 against the Cardinals, 5 against Tampa Bay, 10 against Green Bay. To top it off, the Cardinals won in Seattle in Week 16, and the Seahawks almost lost to the 49ers in Week 17.

    Now their fans will tell you that everything is “fixed” thanks to Luke Joeckel and Eddie Lacy, who make them a Super Bowl contender. I want some of what they are smoking.

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