Todd Gurley sees improvement in Jared Goff

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As the Rams turn the page on a disastrous 2016 season, questions remain regarding whether they made the right move by trading up for quarterback Jared Goff. That question will be answered by the ability of new coach Sean McVay to get the most out of Goff.

Running back Todd Gurley likes what he’s seen in 2017, so far.

He’s been getting better.” Gurley told SiriusXM NFL Radio, via “Obviously, he didn’t go No. 1 for no reason. He has the talent, and he’s just been getting better. He definitely had a great OTAs, great minicamp. Coaches have been doing a good job with him. Just his preparation, him being there all day, he’s been great so far, man, so I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

The third-year running back, who followed a rookie of the year performance in 2015 with a disappointing showing in 2016, also is looking forward to an offense that is more, as the player put it, “Todd-friendly.”

Much of that depends on the quality of the other players, and the manner in which they’re used. Last year’s promising 3-1 start (which nevertheless wasn’t huge on offense) melted into 11 losses in 12 games. While Gurley didn’t have the same quality of help that he had in 2015, truly great running backs can rise above deficiencies around him.

Coming soon, we’ll all get a better glimpse of how great a running back Gurley can be — and how great a quarterback Goff can be.

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  1. Coming soon, we’ll all get a better glimpse of how great a running back Goff can be — and how great a quarterback Goff can be.

    Why would Goff need to be a great running back? I think we’re asking too much of him.

  2. So using your franchise QB as a running back and exposing him to a far higher chance of injury is a smart thing to do?

    Who’d a thunk it?

  3. Gurley should worry about Gurley. And Goof, well Goff improving on being terrible is still semi-terrible. Kroenke continues down the path with losing records
    and after this season will destroy any positive notion fans have in LA of a competitive team.

  4. Wow that’s a shocker. A rookie QB who joined the worst team in the league is showing improvement during his second off-season! There is a precedent for QBs who went number one overall and joined the worst team. Bradshaw. Aikman. Manning. Just to name a few. All guys that won multiple super bowls and ended up in Canton. So many people were calling these guys busts after their rookie seasons. History is awesome. It tends to repeat itself. The only reservation I have about the Rams is the same front office that resulted in the team getting the number one pick is still employed. That may not bode well for Sean McVay. McVay shows a lot of promise, but you can’t win in the NFL if your personnel people are swinging and missing a lot.

  5. First Paxton Lynch, now Jared Goff. I suppose we’re going to hear that Hackenburg can hit the ocean with a football. Maybe even the side of a barn.

  6. You want to cite Aikman and Bradshaw as examples as to why Goff can rebound? You can add Manning as well to boost your argument. However, Tim Couch, Rick Mirer, David Klingler, Joey Harrington, Ryan Leaf, David Carr, and JaMarcus Russell all got knocked around their rookie years as high first round picks. If you had to wager, based on the skills and insight exhibited by Goff during his trial last year, which group is he more likely to fall into when all is said and done? I know where I am leaning.

  7. I don’t care who you have at quarterback, they all will struggle in production under Fisher. As Gurley said last year “the middle school offense” hell even after week 1 the 49ers defenders said they knew some of the playcalls based on how they were lined up. So simply getting ridden of Fisher and his non-offensive coaching staff will give him a much better chance of being successful.

  8. “jjb0811 says:
    Jul 8, 2017 6:34 PM
    St. Louis must be smiling they don’t have to watch this team every Sunday.

    This going to sound incredibly stupid, but I would rather have a horrible team than no team at all. Now since the team has moved and moved to a market that the national media cares about, it’s pretty great that the team has been as sucky for LA as they were for us and everybody gets to see it now.

  9. Now it only takes him two guesses as to where the sun rises to get it right.

  10. This going to sound incredibly stupid, but I would rather have a horrible team than no team at all


    Not stupid, those are the words of a true fan.

  11. I didn see rams qurterback play a game on the televesion but he is not good and well see tho. sam Darnold is BUST!!! Everone like coment please.

  12. tonebones ,

    They didn’t look like they couldn’t play like Goff, especially the modern guys you named. Not to mention you left off that recent #1 picks like Winston and Luck went to worse rosters and immediately looked the part. Wishing him as a starter won’t make it happen, and he just doesn’t look the part.

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