Brandon Marshall using FaceTime to work on offense with Eli Manning

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Wide receiver Brandon Marshall signed with the Giants well ahead of the start of their offseason program, which gave him plenty of time to learn their offense before the team went on their pre-training camp break last month.

Marshall’s experience should also help when it comes to getting things down before the start of the regular season, but he’s making use of the time off to make sure he’s doing everything the way quarterback Eli Manning wants it done. Marshall shared a video of a FaceTime session with Manning on his Instagram account that saw him talking about how quickly he needs to get off the line on a particular play.

During an appearance on ESPN Radio last week, Marshall said Manning has been helpful and provides plenty of insight thanks to a mind that Marshall thinks is the sharpest he’s been around in the NFL.

“A lot of people kill Eli — and I’ve been one to look back and kind of have fun with it a few times, too — but he always has this face,” Marshall said. “People are like, ‘Why is he always looking like that?’ And I truly believe it’s because he’s always thinking. Like he is one of the smartest guys I’ve been around. And I’ve been around some smart quarterbacks,” Marshall said Wednesday on ESPN Radio. “[Ryan] Fitzpatrick, extremely smart. Even Jay Cutler, extremely smart. Eli Manning, I’ve never seen anything like this guy. His brain never stops.”

Marshall’s arrival as a bigger receiver to play on the outside of the offense gives Manning something the team has been missing the last few years. If Marshall performs as he has in his best seasons, the Giants front office will join Manning in looking pretty smart.

13 responses to “Brandon Marshall using FaceTime to work on offense with Eli Manning

  1. I truly believe he has that look… Because he’s stupid… The memorbilia fiasco surely proves it. Even if he’s not guilty of anything, it’s sheer stupidity he got his name involved in it.

  2. Year one, FaceTime and compliments. Fans of his new team wonder why he has such a poor reputation. Year two, silent treatment and thinly veiled criticism, locker room tirades, and ball punting.

  3. ” If Marshall performs as he has in his best seasons, the Giants front office will join Manning in looking pretty smart.”

    It’s going to take a lot more than that to convince me Reese is pretty smart. A decent O-line would be a good start.

  4. Rinse and repeat. Talk everyone up, compliment those above you. Give the appearance you’re doing all you can,very very publicly.
    Whining starts about week 4, apologize the next day saying you just want to win. Leave without talking to reporters just before week 14, apologize a few days later and say your just happy to be in playoffs.

    Off-season “sources close to Marshall say” and it starts get played out in media.

    Followed then by “sources close to the team say Marshall is a distraction because he did x and y”.

    It’s happened everywhere so far and won’t stop now. He is about as phony as they come and especially when the going gets rough. NFL teams, even with the ability to put up with different personalities where fans don’t even know there are issues, can’t/won’t be able to handle the level of crap that he stirs up within locker rooms.

  5. There is a reason why the Broncos, Dolphins, Bears and now the Jets all got rid of Marshall and it’s got nothing to do with talent. GMs, coaches and QBs find him a very high maintenance item.
    Eli – enjoy the FaceTime with Brandon now because at some point you will incur his wrath.

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