Rashad Jennings still waits for the phone to ring

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DeAngelo Williams isn’t the only veteran running back still looking for a job. Rashad Jennings, winner of the most recent Dancing with the Stars, continues to wait for his next opportunity.

I’m in the best shape of my life,” Jennings said Saturday, via Damien Sordelett of the Lynchburg (Va.) News & Advance. “I’m always going to be in shape. That’s what I’m known for across the league. A team knows they’re going to have a player that’s going to be in the best shape of their life. Free agency right now, I’m going into year nine. I understand free agency and how it works. I feel like I’ll be landing with a team in the next two months, but right now I feel I’m in such a peaceful place in my life, though, from transitioning to another team, transitioning to other things outside of football, doing all the philanthropic work that I do. I’m just in a peaceful place.”

He hopes to be in a place that entails little or no peace — on a football field. Jennings spent the last three seasons with the Giants. In 2015, he had 863 rushing yards, a career high. Last year, his yards-per-carry plunged from 4.4 to 3.3, and his total output dropped to 593. The Giants released him before the start of free agency, and Jennings has gotten few if any sniffs since then.

But a phone call is inevitable because injuries are inevitable. Just like Williams, Jennings will be on the short list of plug-and-play players who can show up on short notice, learn enough of the offense to be effective, and move the chains on a temporary basis, or longer. At this point it’s just a matter of when the phone rings.

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  1. Funny how teams always blame running backs for their performance. Does a crappy O-Line that cannot open a hole for a ground Squirrel have anything to do with it. Watch Adrian Peterson burn up the field after escaping from that
    terrible line in Minnisota.

  2. You’re not a philanthropist if you depend on donors…You’re a project manager.

  3. The Giants offensive line has been horrible since Brandon Jacobs and Bradshaw so I can’t blame him. That offense is more of a pass first now. Vereen is a pass catching RB thats the only reason hes still in NY

  4. lambeaudungbarn says:
    Funny how teams always blame running backs for their performance.

    Believe it or not, NFL coaches and scouts know more than you do about the game.
    Believe it or not, after watching practice and film they can tell the difference between a back who still has it and merely suffered from poor blocking, and a back who has lost a step, his burst, his vision, his instincts or some combination of those things — regardless of whether the blocking was good or not.
    Funny how Vikings fans always blame the line. I guess it’s easier to believe the guys up front failed than to admit that your running back is over the hill and your QB is as average as they come.

  5. For what it’s worth, Paul Perkins averaged almost a yard more per carry last year, as an unpolished rookie. So somebody had some success running behind that line. Jennings is a nice guy and a good player, but was absolutely dead. I don’t know many 32 year old RB’s that have that much more to contribute.

  6. joetoronto says:
    Jul 9, 2017 5:11 PM
    This guy thinks he’s all that but he’s not, not even close.

    He’s actually one of the most humble players in the game.

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