Big week coming for the PFT Live* podcast

It’s the third week of my four-week mandatory vacation (“paid suspension“) from PFT Live, the radio and TV show. And so it’s the third week of the daily PFT Live podcast (which I fully admit isn’t a live podcast because no podcasts are live, which means I probably need to come up with a better name for it).

This week, the PFT Live* podcast is scheduled to have at least four guests: Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, Dolphins coach Adam Gase, agent Drew Rosenhaus, and former NFL defensive lineman Terrance Knighton.

Monday’s show will include a conversation with Knighton regarding his recent tweets regarding the NBA/NFL salary discrepancy, and whether NFL players ultimately will be willing to do what they’d need to do to improve their individual bottom lines. Look for it to be posted in the middle of the afternoon. It will be available at Apple Podcasts, audioBoom, and/or wherever else you can get the PFT Live podcast; go ahead and subscribe now.

I’ll be back on the morning radio/TV show starting on July 24, and we’ve got some big things planned for the program as the 2017 season approaches. Based on how the next two weeks go, there’s also a chance that the PFT Live* weekday podcast will continue after the PFT Live weekday radio/TV show returns.