Eagles wideouts in North Dakota to work with Carson Wentz

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North Dakota does not pop up on many lists of the best places for summer travel, but the state is getting a boost to this year’s numbers.

They have native son Carson Wentz to thank for that. Several Eagles receivers put posts on social media Sunday regarding travel to Fargo — Alshon Jeffery can ask Nelson Agholor about a burger recommendation — for some pre-camp work with Wentz.

Outside of the location, there’s nothing unusual about the Eagles getting together to work on their own ahead as many teams have players making similar arrangements. Sam Bradford did something similar last year before being traded to the Vikings, although there’s little chance that Wentz is going to get the same kind of late summer surprise.

What he will get is more time with Jeffery and Torrey Smith in their first offseason with the team, something that would seem to be a great benefit to their chemistry as the Eagles make their way toward the regular season.

22 responses to “Eagles wideouts in North Dakota to work with Carson Wentz

  1. Rumor has it … That Agholor dropped his plane ticket, and didn’t make it… Although it was right in his hands. He put it on the chalkboard though..

  2. NFL receivers don’t wear them during games… but… in North Dakota… they wear frak jackets.

  3. Im excited to see what Wentz can or cant do with 2 NFL quality receivers. I was never really a fan of Jeffrey…I thought he greatly underachieved his potential.

    Typical player that I dislike on other teams that I hope can do well here. But…I also thought the same thing about DGB, and we see where he is…lol

  4. Like him (or the Eagles) or not, it will be interesting to see How Wentz performs having receivers with talent. It’s hard not to root for him.

  5. The two receivers could make several funny social media posts during their time up there. Big furry hats, muskets, fishing rods, bear traps, etc.

    Talk about fish out of water.

  6. And then he says,”Geez. I’m going crazy out there at the lake.”

    Lets hope nobody ends up in the wood chipper.

  7. Make fun of Fargo all you want but they won the Division 1 AA national championships every season from 2011-2015. If may be cold as hell in the winter and not much to offer the common folk but they produce good football talent.

  8. You mean they’re all *in the same place* actually throwing and catching passes together?

    Why don’t they just get with the times like Brandon Marshall and Eli Manning and use Face Time?

  9. xavier179 says:
    Jul 10, 2017 10:12 AM
    Algohor is still with the team? He couldn’t catch TB in a TB clinic.

    1st round contract. It would cost a good deal more to cut him than what they would save against the cap (and they don’t have the space to eat it).

    He’ll be released the first day that it counts towards the next league year. Unless he has a great year this season, which is very doubtful since he’ll be lucky to be #4 on the depth chard (Smith/Jeffrey/Matthews are all ahead of him, and they just drafted 2 WR, so even the 4 spot may be a stretch)

  10. There’s a major drought over there — hope they brought their own water. And while Wentz’s alma mater has won a few championships, the talent largely comes from states other than the 567 people that lived in the state before the oil boom.

  11. bmorepositive123 says:
    Jul 10, 2017 7:57 AM

    My bet is that Agulor will still find an adult nightclub before he catches a meaningful pass


    Well, there’s exactly one – The Northern on the corner of 10th St & 4th Ave North. Shouldn’t be too hard to find. Shouldn’t.

  12. “Well, there’s exactly one – The Northern on the corner of 10th St & 4th Ave North. Shouldn’t be too hard to find. Shouldn’t.”

    Beat me to it.

    Fargo makes much more sense to train than Bismarck. Personally I enjoyed playing at Bismarck Bowl, but having the FargoDome and just south of that is the old Fargo North turf field makes a lot more sense.

    Hopefully no one twists a knee if they’re at the Fargo North field.

  13. dirtydrynn27 says:
    Jul 10, 2017 12:14 PM

    Carson Wentz can be good but Phillys O line is the worst…..They gonna get the poor kid killed!!!!

    Well I can see that you are not so in touch with Reality !! one of the best O lines in football now that they are all there.

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