Eric Ebron makes strong public pitch for Jim Caldwell

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As Lions coach Jim Caldwell enters the final year of his contract with no commitment beyond 2017, tight end Eric Ebron has made a strong public pitch for the team to keep Caldwell around, indefinitely.

“We try to do everything we can for that guy because as an organization and as a team, who play for him, we love him,” Ebron told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday. “That’s definitely our coach. Hot seat, whatever, we want to play for him because we want to keep him there forever, because that’s just what kind of guy he is.”

Caldwell took the team to the playoffs in 2016, the first season under new G.M. Bob Quinn. It’s still not clear what Quinn, who waited several weeks to decide to keep Caldwell after getting the job, thinks of Caldwell’s long-term prospects.

Most General Managers have their own short list of preferred coaches in mind. For the Lions, who (assuming a contract extension) will be able to offer the ability to work with quarterback Matthew Stafford, Quinn may see a chance to upgrade to a guy like Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels or some other A-list candidate who could take the team to the proverbial (and, for the Lions, perennially elusive) next level.

Caldwell has led the Lions to a 27-21 record in three seasons, with a pair of playoff appearances. The Lions haven’t won a postseason game since 1991.

9 responses to “Eric Ebron makes strong public pitch for Jim Caldwell

  1. I wish my Packers had a good coach like Jim Caldwell. My Packers just don’t care if we have big Mike or not. He’s not good. Fans don’t like him, either. He should have a Heimlich Maneuver assistant coach.

  2. Bill Cowher had a 32-16 record his first 3 seasons, so he won 5 more games than Caldwell in his first three seasons. It took him 14 years to win a Superbowl and he’s regarded as an all time great coach. Give Caldwell time. It’s hard to win when you change systems every 2-3 years.

  3. Ebron has a habit of opening his mouth and sticking his foot in it. He also has a habit of missing blocks and dropping balls hat hit him between the numbers or on the hands. If Caldwell gets fired Ebron will be part of it.

  4. The only way this guy should be retained after this year is, not only a playoff appearance, but a playoff victory……………..

  5. I think this is Caldwells last season as a head coach. His MO is to have one strong season followed up by some really bad seasons. I think the Lions have a really bad year and Caldwell is fired at the end of it.

  6. I like Caldwell as coach. It seems the Lions finally have a GM that gets it. The holes are being filled and they should be better on both sides of the ball this season.

    The Packers are tough, mainly because of Rodgers. Otherwise, the separation between the two teams is closing.

  7. Keep Austin, Cooter & Austin in Detroit.

    Austin: Had tremendous success as a DC when we had a potent D-Line. We have not had that since the 2014 season when we lost both Fairly & Suh. We need another solid DLineman & LDE to pair with A’Shawn Robinson & Ziggy Ansa. The linebacking core is solidified, so is the CB & S group. The focus of the 2018 Draft will be on D-Lineman.

    Cooter: He, Matt Stafford and the rest of the offense have taken off since he got the call to be the OC. We now have a strong O-Line with our past 2 drafts and FA signings. We have 2, really good WR’s. A good mix @ RB (If Abdullah can stay healthy). TE is our only sore spot. Look for them to address this with a TE & possibly a HB in the 2018 Draft.

    Caldwell: I was not sold on him at first. His MO is to take the team he has and do well in year one. Dip in year 2 and fall of the cliff in year 3. He did’nt. The QB was injured at the end of the year and we had zero running game. With a healthy Stafford & Abdullah the Offense will be good. We are still weak at D-Line though. Not his fault he has an aging Ngata and no one at LDE. Thats on Quinn (Who’s been doing a great job otherwise IMO).

    With the loss of LT Decker, a rookie MLB, a washed up DT, no one at LDE, a rookie corner and another who washed out of Oakland, I do not see the Lions record improving. Actually I have them anywhere from 6 to 8 wins. I think it will take another draft and a year of seasoning on Davis & Tabor.

    Taking that into account, as a GM, I would extend Caldwell 2 more years, fill in the holes we have with draft picks and then see what he can do.

    Our current needs, as I sit here today and study the roster are:
    Penetrating DT (Suh, Donald type)
    Speed rushing LDE (Cliff Avril type)
    WR 2 or 3 (Big, Tall, Fass field streaching C.J. type, or another Shifty RAC guy like Tate).
    TE – Someone who can catch the ball and break tackles for RAC.
    RB1 – A one cut, open field runner (Javid Best type).
    C or LG with No Injury History. Take a left guard and move Glasgow to Center, or take a Center and move Swanson to #2.

    When we fill the holes we can and will win playoff games with Caldwell, Cooter & Austin. I have that much faith in them.

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