Fritz Pollard Alliance comfortable with Chiefs’ GM search

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The Chiefs complied with the Rooney Rule in their search for a new General Manager, although the names of the minority candidates they interviewed were never released.

John Wooten, the chairman of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, said he was in contact with the Chiefs during their search and was satisfied with the process.

“The Chiefs left it up to the individual candidates and their agents whether they wanted their names out there or not,” Wooten told Pro Football Talk. “But I can assure you that they complied. We are comfortable [with their interview process].”

The Chiefs named Brett Veach their new General Manager on Monday after published reports disclosed only three other interviewees — Seahawks co-director of player personnel Scott Fitterer, Titans director of player personnel Ryan Cowden and Chiefs co-director of player personnel Mike Borgonzi.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio pointed out earlier today that a lack of transparency doesn’t seem to fit with the spirit of a rule that champions inclusiveness and diversity in a job search.

4 responses to “Fritz Pollard Alliance comfortable with Chiefs’ GM search

  1. Exactly what authority or legitimacy does the Fritz Pollard Foundation have other than having attorneys, including the late Johnny Cochran, who tried to cash in on a race-based cash shakedown of the NFL (I’m an African American, for the record)?! It’s a sham organization that’s remained around because the “Rooney Rule” was successful in keeping their greedy hands out of the NFL’s coffers! It stays around waiting for the next opportunity for cash. There is no legitimate civil or worker’s rights motive here.

    Keep that perspective whenever mentioning this organization with any level of respect in regards to hiring practices in the NFL.

    Lastly; if they were really about truth and justice in racial and gender hiring practices, they’d be taking a ton of pro bono cases in the real world where real people are impacted by discriminatory hire and promotion practices; not stalking ne of the richest organizations in the world that employees an infinitesimally small number of employees in the scheme of things! I find the entire concept of this organization an insult to minorities and educated people everywhere!

  2. In the spirit of championing inclusiveness and diversity will the Fritz Pollard Alliance be advocating for a rule that requires NFL teams work out a white running back before they can sign a black one? Or maybe a rule requiring an Asian player be considered for Qb before one of another race can be signed? How about before a male security guard is hired, a woman must be interviewed for the job? You may be wondering what sense it would make to grant a token interview to someone who is not realistically being considered for the job. But if you wonder that, you must be a bigot, sexist, or racist. Clearly Fritz Pollard feels comfortable when hiring decisions are based on a person’s race.

  3. Like anything with a “look” in mind (rather than results), this whole phony process gets degraded as time passes. The Chiefs probably said “MYOB, and there’s nothing you can do”. So instead of looking completely inept/powerless they gave a vague approval.

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