N.C. baby a tribute to Panthers, poorly spelled

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Panthers fans love drawing out the vowel sound in the given name of linebacker Luke Kuechly.

One fan liked it so much he decided to pay tribute in a unique way. Or uuunique, as the case may be.

According to Adam Lawson of the Gaston Gazette, 33-year-old DeeJay Howell decided to name his newborn son Cameron Luuuke Howell.

That’s right, Cameron as in Cam Newton, and Luke as in the former defensive player of the year.

“I wanted him to have the same name as mine,” Howell said. “I was watching the OTAs and I seemed more and more hyped about the football season coming up. I thought what better way than to name him after our two future stars?

Right about now, you’re probably wondering: “Kuechly spells his name normally, what gives?”

So yes, the three Us were a deliberate decision.

“Put two on there and people will think we misspelled it or something,” the proud father said. “Three seems more intentional. I want to give props to Luke and his career that he’s had.”

The amazing part is his wife Sandy went along with this plan.

“He was writing it on the birth certificate in the hospital,” she said. “He was asking about the “Us.” I said, ‘You can do two’ and said no more. He said, ‘What about three?’ I said whatever.

“I said, ‘This is your story. This is your name.’ I’m just a good wife that let him pick the name.”

Of course, DeeJay could have named his son A.J. (or AyJay, I guess) and gotten the same effect, since a lot of Panthers fans liked to yell “Luuuke” when linebacker A.J. Klein was out there in his place, before Klein signed with the Saints this offseason.