Pierre Garçon doesn’t know why Kirk Cousins isn’t long-term answer in Washington

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With the deadline to sign franchise-tagged players to multi-year deals a week away, Kirk Cousins weighed in about his contract status and said he’s letting his agent take care of things because he never wants to “play football thinking about money.”

It’s a variation on a theme that we’ve grown accustomed to hearing from Cousins over the last two offseasons as he’s maintained that he’s in a good place after the Redskins have used the tag twice without coming to terms on a longer deal. There have been no shortage of people suggesting that the team do more to make that deal happen given Cousins’ production and the lack of better options available to them.

It seems that Cousins’ former teammate Pierre Garçon is in that camp. During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio Monday, the 49ers wide receiver said he has no idea why a deal hasn’t come together after watching Cousins “moving the ball up and down the field.”

“He’s been doing it for a long time,” Garçon said. “He is the guy that’s helped us make those playoff runs and do a lot of things great for us. I don’t know why he’s not the long-term answer there. But I’m happy we’re all getting those opportunities now and he’s showing his talents on the field. Kirk’s doing very well and his numbers are getting better and better. And he enjoys playing football. He works at it.”

Garçon moved to the 49ers as a free agent after Kyle Shanahan, who coached both players in Washington, became the team’s head coach. Some have wondered if Cousins would make the same trip should he hit unrestricted free agency after this season and Garçon was asked about that possibility, but opted not to share any thoughts on that aspect of Cousins’ future.

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  1. I don’t think Kirk Cousins fits the Washington Football Team Mold

    if he was an UFA
    -in his late 30s
    -did not get along with his coaches

    the Washington football team would of signed him to a 30M avg contract.

  2. As a neutral observer…

    He’s not the long-term answer because he probably falls somewhere between 10th-15th best quarterback in the league. That’s not bad, and he may be a playoff quarterback for the next couple years with the right supporting cast, but look at the list of Super Bowl winning quarterbacks the past 15-years:

    * Tom Brady (4)
    * Peyton Manning (2)
    * Ben Rothlisburger (2)
    * Eli Manning (2)
    * Aaron Rodgers
    * Drew Brees
    * Russell Wilson
    * Joe Flacco

    Quarterbacks win championships. No offense to Kirk Cousins, but can anyone really see Cousins on that list? Is he as good as Flacco? Maybe, but probably not. Even if so, that’s only 1 of 15, or 6.6%.

    At this point the Redskins have no where else to turn, so they’re desperately trying to hold onto Cousins until they find a better answer, but they also don’t want to commit long term because he simply isn’t going to get them to a championship, never mind win it.

  3. “Quarterbacks win championships.”

    ummmm, teams win championships …. none of the QBs on the earlier list would have won a SB with the Redskins personnel either …

  4. Lonespeed’s analysis above is based on ZERO facts.

    Over the past two years, Cousins is in the top five QB’s with regard to passes over 20 and over 50 yards.

    Each year he has cut down his interception rate.

    He has turned around a rancid Washington offense that was filled with more three and outs than touchdowns under the direction of the Great Gimmick.

    Cousins has a history (if you were not so lazy to notice) that in college he continued to improve year in and year out; this is also how he has done as a QB in the NFL.

    He has also been saddled with some of the worst defenses in the NFL – and they fail to give him short fields that your so-called top 10 feast on – those guys are not driving 90 yards down the field; but Cousins is notorious for 80 yard plus drives that end in scores.

    You are not well versed on Cousins.

  5. Interesting that they asked Pete Garson about Cousins. Maybe because Pete knows his current team will be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs by October.

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