Will players strike in 2021?

At the heart of the discrepancy between NBA player pay and NFL player pay are the labor deals that lay the foundation for contracts in the two sports. For NFL players to get better contracts, they need a better labor deal. To get a better labor deal they need to be willing to strike in 2021.

So will they?

Former NFL defensive lineman Terrance Knighton, who brought plenty of attention to the issue with a weekend tweet storm, joined Monday’s PFT Live podcast to discuss the issue.

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18 responses to “Will players strike in 2021?

  1. Will my last football game I watch in my life be Super Bowl 55 after the 2020 season? Absolutely yes. Millionaires fighting Billionaires over slightly smaller/larger chunks of the pie that are funded by fans – no thank you.

  2. some where Jeff George is working out getting ready f0r replacement player football in 2021

  3. cowboysfan1979 says:
    Jul 10, 2017 1:53 PM
    Will my last football game I watch in my life be Super Bowl 55 after the 2020 season? Absolutely yes. Millionaires fighting Billionaires over slightly smaller/larger chunks of the pie that are funded by fans – no thank you.
    – – – –

    So what’s the alternative? Just take whatever the other side offers, even if it’s a terrible deal? It’s a multi-billion dollar business. Negotiations are part of the business-side of the game.

    I’m fine with the players negotiating a better deal; it just better be done before Preseason 2020!

    The NFLPA should use the “funding issue” (teams have to put future guaranteed monies in escrow until they are paid out, and this hampers teams’ finances) as a bargaining chip to get a non-monetary issue they want, such as removing MARIJUANA from the list of banned substances or an independent third-party to preside over player-discipline matters.

  4. Let’s see..the NBA gets revenue for 41 home games per season per team (30 teams). There are also only 15 players on a roster. This can be compared to 8 home games per season and 32 teams. Add in the roster of 52 players per team. We are, for simple calculations, just talking the regular season.
    This means there is a percentage of the 1230 games revenue to split among 450 players vs a percentage of 256 games revenue to split among 1664 players and you wonder why NFL contracts still aren’t as ludicrous as NBA contracts? Even someone who is not great at math can tell the NBA size contracts would bankrupt the NFL.

  5. I can do nothing except roll my eyes anytime a PFT reader/commentor claims “I wont be watching NFL football in 4 years”. Ok bro, way to take such a bold stance on something you’ll never have to be held accountable for.

  6. Really ? We’re worrying about what ‘might’ happen in 4 years ?

    Slow news day ?

  7. They need to hold out just to get rid of Goodell. That guy is slowly and methodically destroying this league.

  8. Yeah, and once they get a bigger piece of the pie they’ll start complaining about soccer players making more money. Or maybe they’ll start complaining that Bill Gates is worth $40B and want to be paid accordingly.

    The thing that gets me is they want people to feel sorry for them. These guys live like kings and still complain about how they don’t make enough. I wonder what people like Howie Long think about that. He signed an eight-year contract in 1988 that paid him $8.33M. Players nowadays feign being insulted by only being offered that much per year.

  9. Using the salary cap numbers. Players on a NBA team receives about 1.2 mil per game. Players on a NFL team receives about 12 mil a game. The problem is ????

  10. Its coming across as certain writers are rooting for a strike.
    Just because the NBA players make more money does not mean NFL players have a bad deal.
    Maybe the NBA has a bad deal?
    Maybe the NBA skill set is overall harder to fill?
    I imagine the NFL pays out more in salaries overall then the NBA.
    Is it a factor that on July 10th 24 NBA fan bases know they have zero shot of winning the title this year or next?
    Either way its not an apples to apples comparison.

  11. Always complaining. Its never enough.

    How can they compare the NBA with the NFL – Tom Brady has had a long and successful career, but even including post-season has played LESS games than Steph Curry in 3 regular seasons.

    Stop your crying, ex-players.

  12. The difference between the NBA and NFL revenue percentages is approximately 1.5%-2%. NFL players could rightfully pursue closing that gap, but that won’t produce NBA-level money on a 53-man roster unless the overall revenue were to dramatically rise.

    I certainly hope there is not a strike in 4 years, but that’s 4 years from now – so I’m not going to worry about it 🙂

  13. Larger each players contracts becomes the greater each passing, ha I said passing, year that the system could collapse do to inside and outside forces.

  14. Maybe the NFL players should start playing offense and defense like the NBA players do. That will shrink down the rosters and get them more money that they crave.

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