Adrian Peterson: Doubt motivates me, even my own

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Among the many things we’re looking forward to finding out during the 2017 season is how running back Adrian Peterson fits in with the Saints after spending the first 10 years of his career with the Vikings.

There’s been a steady stream of laudatory words coming from New Orleans about how Peterson has looked on the field this spring, but such talk is commonplace around the NFL during the offseason even when the subject has achieved less than Peterson has over the course of his career. The proof will start to come in September and there are still those who don’t think a 32-year-old back coming off his latest knee injury will be able to thrive in his new home.

Peterson told Dan Pompei of Bleacher Report that he has harbored some of those doubts as well, but that he’s using both the internal and external uncertainty as fuel for the upcoming season.

“Yes, the doubt motivates me,” Peterson said. “I’d be lying to say it doesn’t. You want to do things people say you can’t do. You might go through a stage when you doubt yourself. It’s an everyday battle mentally. But if you let anything manifest, it can hurt you. So I always try to keep those thoughts down.”

With Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara on the roster, the Saints have backfield options in the event Peterson doesn’t recapture his old form but the last few months have provided plenty of evidence that neither they nor Peterson believe that will be the case.

9 responses to “Adrian Peterson: Doubt motivates me, even my own

  1. He must not doubt…
    his ability to hold onto the football
    his ability to pass block
    his ability to catch the ball
    his ability to run out of the shotgun
    his ability to use birth control
    his ability to put the team first

  2. Washed up or not, I’ve never seen a player physically intimidate an entire defense and make them quit in the 3rd or 4th quarter. He doesn’t have a full skill set but pure physicality and running ability there was nobody better.

  3. I can’t believe Peterson has ever doubted himself. He certainly doesn’t make those thoughts public. I think we would all like him a little better if he would be honest, rather than talking about reaching 2,500 yards in a season and breaking the all-time rushing record.

  4. Well, we’ve yet to see doubt motivate him to look for all the money his charity foundation mislaid, but maybe it will finally motivate him to plough more yards than women – and take better care of the ball than he does with his legion of illegitimate kids. Either way, Saints can stop pretending to have any community values.

  5. Randy Moss got the exact same fan treatment back in the Summer of 2007.

    Everyone was saying he was washed up and stopped trying. “He’s just going to fleece the Patriots out of a contract.”
    -The overall fan consensus.

    Ironically that was AP’s rookie year.

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