Clay Matthews hopes next Bears QB as “willing” as Jay Cutler to help him pad sack totals

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Clay Matthews is going to miss Jay Cutler. The Packers linebacker knows he has more sacks against Cutler than any other quarterback.

Matthews, who has 72.5 sacks in eight seasons, sacked the former Bears quarterback 8.5 times.

“Listen, I always enjoyed playing against Jay,” Matthews said on the Rich Eisen Show on NFL Network. “Obviously, he rubbed some fans the wrong way. I know people get on him about his nonchalant attitude, but I always enjoyed playing against him. I’m glad I got a lot of sacks against him. I’ll miss that the most. But hopefully the next in line in Chicago will be as equally willing to help me pad my stats.”

Matthews vividly recounted the 2012 game in which he sacked Cutler 3.5 times. Eric Walden shared one of the sacks with Matthews, much to Matthews’ chagrin.

“He stole half a sack,” Matthews told Eisen. “I even think as petty as I am I petitioned the league to get that half sack. They didn’t give it to me.”