Glen Coffee will participate in Spring League Showcase

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Former NFL running back Glen Coffee, a third-round pick who walked away from the 49ers and the NFL after only one season, has unretired. And since 29-year-old tailbacks who haven’t played football in more than seven years tend to not generate a ton of interest right out of the gates, he’ll need to get some reps elsewhere.

Which mean that Coffee will be participating in the Spring League Showcase, to be played on Saturday at Napa Memorial Stadium.

Coffee joins the likes of Fred Jackson and Anthony Dixon in the one-shot summer event for a league that staged a three-week, four-team season in West Virginia before the draft.

Coffee originally said he was retiring to join the ministry. He eventually enlisted in the Army, serving four years. His goal will now be to perform well enough on Saturday that, within four weeks, he’s back in an NFL training camp.

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  1. Sorry dude, it’s nice to see someone put a lot of effort into achieving something but you had your opportunity for pro ball and you passed. Your better off moving on.

  2. I wouldn’t be shocked if helps a team as 2nd team scatback, helps on STs and earns a spot at the vet min.

    The guy is a solid player who would fit well on a team that is good and has an established QB.

    The Lions come to mind, IMO.

    Since he’sa military guy, I am assuming he’s in a good shape and just needs to get into game shape.

  3. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    Jul 11, 2017 9:26 AM

    ……ahh this McDonalds job is’nt fun anymore. Maybe I can just go back to the NFL for another year.

    McDonalds? Really? Wonder why you think he was working at McDonalds? A guy with at least some college & who served in our military?

  4. pancaketaco says:
    Jul 11, 2017 10:04 AM
    He’s an Army vet so 99.9% sure he’s a “character guy” so definitely rule out the Cowboys, Bengals, Raiders & Steelers.

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    If White, Lewis or DJ Foster go down in Pats camp, BB will be on line 1. Or, I’d like to think he would be.

    Good, solid player who can help a team.

  5. packmangamble says:
    Jul 11, 2017 10:01 AM
    Must be a slow news time.

    Who the hell is Glen Coffee????

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    Watch football much?

    30 year old scatback/change of pace back who played at Alabama.

    Chose military duty instead of playing in the NFL and now feels he did what he needed to do, with a return back to the NFL.

  6. Ya know, this whole spring league thing could be a good venue for NFLPA players who intend to strike and hold out for a better deal from ownership. Sounds like the it has some of the logistics worked out should players choose to put on their own show independent of the NFL.

    Glen Coffee? Um, ya had yer chance….

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