Tony Romo’s fantasy football convention scheduled for this weekend

Getty Images

It appears Tony Romo’s fantasy football convention finally is going to happen.

The National Fantasy Football Convention twice has had to cancel after disputes with the NFL over gambling and sponsorship. In 2015, the NFL banned players from attending because it was being held at a casino property in Las Vegas. Last year, Romo and his cousin, Andy Alberth, co-owners of the event, moved the event to Pasadena, Calif. But the NFL had an issue with NFFC’s unauthorized use of the Madden NFL logo as it promoted the event’s title sponsor, EA Sports, and EA Sports canceled its participation.

This year’s three-day event is scheduled for this weekend in Dallas. Dez Bryant and Ezekiel Elliott are among more than 50 current and former NFL players expected to attend, with many currently promoting the event on Twitter.

Never say never, because you never know what they (the NFL) are going to do, but we never got this close,” Alberth told Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today Sports. “And we have really good lawyers. We’re very confident and are super excited to see this thing come true after three years.”

Romo’s company has filed suit against the NFL over both canceled events. One case is scheduled for trial in November.