Troy Smith, Eric Metcalf hope to get into the medical marijuana business

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At a time when many believe current NFL players should be allowed to use marijuana for medical purposes, a pair of former NFL players (along with the father of a current one) hope to get into the medical marijuana business.

Via Jackie Borchardt of, Troy Smith, Eric Metcalf, and Ted Ginn Sr. are pursuing one of the 60 dispensary licenses that Ohio will be issuing later this year.

Smith, who won the Heisman Trophy at Ohio State and spent four years in the NFL, became interested in medical marijuana based on the head trauma he sustained while playing.

“Sports is a great thing to watch when you’re snacking on chicken wings, but it’s dead serious,” Smith said. “We need to pay more attention to it and be more delicate.”

By law, Ohio’s medical marijuana program must be fully operational by September 8, 2018.