Arians: Kaepernick “can play in the right system”

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Of all the coaches in the NFL who didn’t directly work with quarterback Colin Kaepernick, few know Kaepernick’s game better than Cardinals coach Bruce Arians.

Arians has faced Kaepernick’s 49ers twice per year for each of the last four years. So Arians knows what Kaepernick can and can’t do. During a Wednesday appearance on PFT Live, Arians provided his assessment of Kaepernick’s current skills.

“He can play in the right system,” Arians said. “He’s proven that. When he was with [former 49ers offensive coordinator] Greg Roman, that system fit him perfectly. He’s a read-option, athletic guy. He can throw it down the field with the play-action passes. He struggled against us in the past out of the pocket. It’s just finding the right fit.”

Thus, from Arians’ perspective, Kaepernick’s lingering unemployment traces to football reasons only.

Of course, the question then becomes whether Kaepernick is good enough in a read-option system that includes play-action passes to justify making him your quarterback and incorporating a system that he can execute properly.  To get there, a team may need to hire Roman, who currently is employed by the Ravens and John Harbaugh, the brother of the coach who got the most out of Kaepernick. But Baltimore still has Joe Flacco, and no apparent or immediate plans to make a change.

It could be that Kaepernick’s wait will continue until next year, when the annual game of musical chairs plays out and, ultimately, a guy who runs a system like Roman’s ends up in a position to bring a guy like Kaepernick to town.

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  1. I need more opinions from Bruce Arians. I want know what Bruce Arians thinks about everything in the world. Luckily I’ve been alive the last two days to witness the great tale about how he outsmarted Peyton Manning. That Bruce Arians. He’s just better than you.

  2. …and when a guy who earned the “QB whisperer” title by having Joey Porter swear at Big Ben…well, no need to say any more…

  3. Man Kap was so good when he had an all time great D, the NFL’s best running game, and his passes were read option with only 2 looks so he didn’t have to think to much or read a D. why doesn’t some team just create the best D in the league, run the ball 2 times as much as anyone else (with a high rate of success), and change their whole passing game so they can fit in this bellow average Qb? DOn’t let the fact that he wants more money than he is worth, doesn’t seem to interested in actually playing football, and would automatically piss off half your fan base stop you. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t have a team. haha what a joke

  4. Kap could play somewhere else but the people at that somewhere else address don’t want him either.

  5. A couple of points here:

    1) This is what everyone has been saying about Kaepernick all along. Those that can look past the whole race issue and that he’s being railed against due to ONLY his stance he took last season. He simply isn’t that great of a talent and not worth the risk/reward.

    2) He IS a singular system QB and you don’t go revamping your whole system for a back up QB. He would need to be a starter, and then your whole team needs to adapt around him. The whole team.

    3) Kaepernick felt so compelled by his beliefs that he didn’t do one thing that mattered. He didn’t vote. He didn’t get the savior of everyone Hillary Clinton elected.

    4) There are a few other leagues out there Kaepernick could find employment. The Arena League, the CFL, and perhaps that new league you suggested the players make in the next few years or so to help them take on the NFL in a CBA lockout situation. He can be the posterboy for that cause too. He can kneel in the negotiation meetings.

  6. In other words, he could be a good QB if he were back in college. The last I saw, nobody in the NFL plays a zone read. I’ve never been a fan of Jim Harbaugh but what he did with the Niners was amazing. He’s a great coach and he figured out a way to win with him. Maybe what he needs is for Coach Harbaugh to get back in the NFL.

    But then again, those Niners teams were pretty good and had lots of options. So, he not only has to be in a good system but on a good team. I honestly don’t think he has enough talent to be able to carry a team.

  7. Can we just drop it? It’s always been obvious that he has a limited skill set and he needs the system to be tailored to what he does well. Few, if any, teams are running a system like that so his options are limited and those teams have other QBs in place.

    The ONLY reason we hear so much about this guy is because he’s the darling of liberals everywhere, which is exactly the reason why he started the whole kneeling during the national anthem thing in the first place. He knew he was becoming irrelevant as a football player so he had to do something else to maintain relevance.

  8. The Phantom Stranger says:
    Jul 12, 2017 1:20 PM

    The ONLY reason we hear so much about this guy is because he’s the darling of liberals everywhere, which is exactly the reason why he started the whole kneeling during the national anthem thing in the first place. He knew he was becoming irrelevant as a football player so he had to do something else to maintain relevance.
    Exactly. Not only was he rotten on the field last year, he was rotten on the field in 2015 as well. He’s just not good enough to play in the NFL.

    I have serious Kaepernick Fatigue. I don’t want to hear about him anymore. And in just the last 15 minutes, I’ve developed Arians Fatigue. I don’t want to hear about him anymore either.

  9. He can play in the right system and that system is run by a guy who just got fired as head coach of an NFL team for the second time in two years.

  10. Given the lousy quarterback play that Arians has on his team wouldn’t Kaepernick be an upgrade over the geriatic Carson Palmer. I am sure that Arians could come up with the right system for him. He sounds like the girl who tells the guy who asks her out that he is a great guy and I am sure “someone” else would love to go out with you.

  11. NBC Sports seems to love them some Arians. You think he won multiple super bowls, was a historian of the game, and had all free agents lining up to play for him the way these stories appear for the Great Bruce
    football God. Good grief.

  12. Sounds like he’d be a good arena league fit. Read option is not viable in the NFL. He couldn’t adapt to a pro offense just like rg3 couldn’t. Case closed.

  13. Nobody runs that system anymore. The 49ers were the last that used the read-option as a base.

    Carolina runs 6 plays a game in the read option. Seattle 2 plays a game.

    The reason that nobody runs it anymore is defenses figured it out. In 2012, before defenses figured it out, it was good for 6.2 YPC. In 2013, it was down to 4.7 YPC. In 2014 (and since) it’s just another running play.

    So you have a guy who, according to Kurt Warner and every other honest analyst, can’t play from the pocket and can only run a crappy read-option offense. Which doesn’t work anymore…

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