Bruce Arians not concerned his book gives away too much


Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has written a book called The Quarterback Whisperer that was released on Tuesday and includes insight into the approach to running a football team that he’s put together over his long career on the sideline.

As part of the promotional blitz for the book, Arians spoke with Mike Florio for Wednesday’s PFT Live podcast, which is available at Apple Podcasts, audioBoom, and other outlets. You can check out the video of Arians’ appearance right here, including his answer to a question about whether he’s worried that he gave future opponents too much information about his approach to the game.

“You can give the other team your playbook,” Arians said. “They never know which plays you’re going to call so I always think that stuff’s overrated. Some people think they have to reinvent the envelope every week. I don’t think the game’s that hard.”

Given the amount of work that goes into studying film and analyzing tendencies that every team does every week, it’s hard to think that Arians’ book is going to present anyone with too much more insight into his plans than is already available. Arians told Florio that the extent of that preparation makes “self-scouting” particularly important so that he can anticipate what others are anticipating before adjusting accordingly.

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  1. If an opposing team knows what play you are going to run, but your players ALL execute their job on that play perfectly, you will gain the yards you had hoped for. All coaches say… just do your job and everything will work out just fine.

  2. Of course the book doesn’t give away too much information. I’m sure it’s just the written version of what comes out of his mouth every time he talks: “I’m the awesomest person I know. Sit down and let me tell you how awesome I am!”

  3. The negativity from these folks commentating in this thread is amazing… My Heart goes out to all those who embody such hatred and bitterness. One day you might wake up to the fact that your judgements are in Truth about yourself.

    BA has been Coaching for almost his entire life. The success he has achieved is reflected in AP Coach of the Year awards, as well as an abundance of professional relationships he has across the country. It is an Honor to have him as the AZ Cardinals Head Coach and his book will be of interest to anyone with an “authentic” passion for the game.

    Thank you Mike for the interview, and Thank You Coach for taking the time to share your candid thoughts… You are to be Honored and Recognized!

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