DeAngelo Williams cuts list of potential landing spots to 28

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Running back DeAngelo Williams made an appearance on a podcast with Adam Schefter of ESPN last week and said he “definitely” plans on playing during the 2017 season.

During that appearance, Williams also said that while his desire to play is strong there are four teams he would not join. Schefter followed up with Williams about that this week and the veteran back revealed those teams.

One was the Panthers, who drafted Williams and employed him for his first nine seasons in the NFL. Williams cited the way his departure was handled as the reason why he wouldn’t return to the team.

Williams also struck the Browns and Jaguars and said that their lack of recent winning seasons was behind that stance. The Cowboys round out the group with Williams using his childhood support of the 49ers to explain his distaste for Dallas.

The Cowboys also have Ezekiel Elliott as their started and Darren McFadden as their backup, so there isn’t much reason to think anyone with the team is crestfallen by Williams’ revelation. The other three teams also have things squared away fairly well at running back, something that is true for much of the league at this point and something that may leave Williams waiting for an injury before he lands a contract for the coming season.

Given that, it seems less than wise to publicly declare an unwillingness to play for any teams since one of the aforementioned clubs may wind up giving Williams the best chance to continue his career. If that’s the case, Williams’ candidness could wind up working against him.

23 responses to “DeAngelo Williams cuts list of potential landing spots to 28

  1. The last paragraph made me laugh…

    Wait, so you mean him saying he won’t play for a team might mean that team wouldn’t sign him?

    If he said he wouldn’t sign with them anyway, why would he care if he’s burning that bridge? If he were desperate to play to matter what, sure it’s a bad idea, but sounds like he’s fine with not playing rather than playing with one of those teams.

  2. Lol, maybe he should stick to the fake sport. When you aren’t really wanted, you cant say that you don’t want to be wanted. You already aren’t.

  3. Might as well make it 27, the Patriots fans don’t want this clown on their team. Now that he is out of work, he’d play for the Pats? But when he was playing for the Steelers he had no problem bad mouthing the Patriots and the Pats fans, and Pats fans don’t forget. F this guy

  4. I think DeAngelo was a victim of the deal that a player-centric Marty Hurney signed him to. When the team-centric Dave Gettleman began making moves, DeAngelo was not the best option at RB for the team, and his money was best spent elsewhere. I see it as business, but I can also easily see DeAngelo’s angle, that a deal is a deal and the team may have erred.

    He’ll always be a Panther to me, and we still love him for being a stand up guy here in Charlotte.

  5. I see he is still carrying a grudge for the bungling of his release. He and Steve Smith Sr. can get together and commiserate. DG was bad at handling releases of long-term Panthers his first two years, and there was that thing about nobody going to the funeral of DeAngelo’s mother. But you have to move on eventually.

    Plus, as mentioned, things are OK here at RB with Stewart and McCaffrey, not to mention the WR sweeps that Samuel will run. So, DeAngelo, if you want to stay in wrestling, we’re good. Best of luck to you.

  6. LOL – I love all the anger. There are multiple teams that would love to bring in Williams. Additionally, if he doesn’t sign before the season, I wouldn’t take that as his career is done. His best bet would be to let the first month play out, and fit himself onto a team that is in contention.

    DWill was still an effective running back. He’ll be an upgrade at backup to half the league. (Lions, AZ, Bills, Bears, Phins, Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs, better than the backups just off the top of my head)

  7. Knock the guy all you want but I guarantee you that if your team is playoff caliber and your starting RB goes down for the season with an injury, you’ll be wishing DeAngelo Williams was your back-up.

  8. It’s like the guy who just got laid off from work starts telling you about all the companies he’d never work for.. As he’s talking though you’re thinking to yourself “dude, you’re laid off, better take whatever work comes your way”

  9. He’ll be on a roster by the beginning of the regular season this year. Some rookie will fizzle or some vet will tear up a knee. He won’t be the first unsigned RB sought but he sure won’t be the last.

  10. Gettleman had no relationship with him therefore owed him nothing, he saw him as a guy on paper that played 6 games the year before with a 6,000,000 hit against the cap.

    Maybe Richardson’s way of running his business is that he hires people to do the hiring & firing. Be grateful he isn’t hands on…if so you’d never have gotten the deal.

  11. His dislike for the Panthers is not about money. He feels they disrespected the memory of his mother when she passed from breast cancer. That’s fair and all well and good, but he doesn’t need to worry about the Panthers calling him. He made good money there and both sides have moved on.

  12. Dude is garbage and he knows it. He gets drafted and the following year they draft Jonathan Stewart GTFOH lil @ss boy. Go back to the WWE oh wait he’s too small for that too.

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