Deshaun Watson: I’ll be ready when Texans need me

Getty Images

The Texans traded up to take quarterback Deshaun Watson in the first round of this year’s draft, but their strong desire to add Watson to the roster wasn’t followed by a quick move to put Watson in their lineup.

The word from Houston immediately after the draft was that Tom Savage would be the No. 1 quarterback and a few allusions to a competition before the regular season did little to change that as coach Bill O’Brien put the team through its paces during the offseason program. Watson said this week that he’s both on board with that plan and confident that he’ll be prepared to go when the time comes for a change.

“Honestly, whenever [O’Brien] and the coaches feel like I’m ready to go [I’ll be ready],” Watson said to Alex Flanagan of NFL Media. “The team feels like they can operate with me behind the wheel and being the quarterback. It’s gonna take time, it’s gonna be a process, really no rush. Just kinda taking it one day at a time, and whenever that time comes, I’ll be ready.”

O’Brien described Watson as “wise beyond his years” after running a “pretty sophisticated” Clemson offense while he was in college, which would seem to bode well for the rookie’s chances of seeing the field this year. Savage’s play will have a lot to do with whether that happens, of course, but more of the same from Watson this summer could certainly alter the timeline in Houston.