Evan Engram gets new tattoo to represent his “new start”

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Rookie Evan Engram has not even played a game for the Giants yet, but he already feels a connection to his new home. That’s why the tight end had the Freedom Tower, One World Trade Center — which he can see across the river from his apartment — tattooed on his right forearm.

I visited New York a couple of summers ago and went to the World Trade Center, the memorial, the Freedom Tower, and it was mind-blowing,” Engram told Pat Leonard of the Daily News on Wednesday as he packed meals for the hungry at Newark Airport in an event organized by United Airlines and Rise Against Hunger.

“So I wanted to get the tattoo to represent my new journey, my new start. This is where my dreams came true.”

Engram, the No. 23 overall pick, can’t wait to join the Giants offense. He joins Odell Beckham Jr. and free agent signee Brandon Marshall as another weapon for Eli Manning.

“I see myself doing a lot and making plays,” Engram said, via Ari Kramer of Newsday. “Really, I just want to try to help the team any way I can and learn as much as I can from all my great teammates that have been at this level and know so much. I’m just going to be a young kid, just listening, eyes wide, ears open.”

6 responses to “Evan Engram gets new tattoo to represent his “new start”

  1. Tattoos were cool before they became mainstream. Now they are no longer cool, every chick has one. 99% of them look ridiculous.

  2. Good for him. Better than that punk Kapernick who knelt for the national anthem on the 9/11 anniversary.

  3. Bet a dollar you’re against kap kneeling to criticize the country but you’re cool with the trumps kneeling to putin. Unreal.

  4. Im an Eagles fan which means I hate the Giants but this kid will be by far the most productive TE from this draft, and I doubt it will be close.

    Oj Howard is 1 of the most overrated players to ever be drafted. His best season was his Senior season where he had 595 yards and 3 tds. Engram did that his 2nd year. Last year he had 925 yards and 8 tds.

    I was shocked when I went back n watched Howard play. Based off the way people talked about him I thought he was gonna be the size of Lebron with the skills of Megatron. What I ended up seeing was Jermaine Gresham. A good but not dominate player. A guy who struggled to seperate against lesser talent even though the entire defense expecting the run. Now he was everything as advertised when he got the ball in his hand but he was open a lot less then expected and thats gonna vet a lot worse in the nfl where every lb, de, and safety was a superstar in college.

    Engram tho was much more then people said. The separation, the speed, the power, the body control, the fight for the ball. They all were better then advertised. Add that to the fact that we know what Eli can do with tight ends. Every te he ever had had career years that dwarfed all others when playing with Eli. His best years always came when he had a great te.

    Which if you think about it is crazy and borderline negligent on NY part. How they made Eli, who imo gets more out of, and plays much more effectively when he has a good te, switch TEs every few years, let his best ones go, and went years where they never even tried to get him a quality one is insane.

    Anyway they are finally doing the right thing by Eli and the team and if healthy I fully expect Engram to be one of the top offensive rookies this year, and absolutely blast Oj Howard in every category.

    For as long as Eli plays and Engram stays healthy Engram will be 1 of the most productive TE’s in the league. Because just like how Brady will always make a quick, shifty, small, precise route running white guy a star. Eli will always do the same thing for his TE.

    And yes, that is the one and only way you can compare Eli to Brady in a positive manner and be dead serious when you do it.

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