Junior Galette wins decision in civil suit stemming from 2015 arrest

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Washington Redskins outside linebacker Junior Galette was awarded a decision in his favor in a civil lawsuit stemming from a 2015 arrest in Kenner, L.A.

According to FOX 8, a woman was seeking damages for emotional and physical distress from an incident in Jan. 2015 that resulted in Galette being arrested on domestic abuse allegations. However, the charges were thrown out a month later.

The civil case came to a conclusion on Wednesday at the conclusion of a three-day trial when the jury ruled in Galette’s favor. The woman had been seeking three years worth of funds for medical treatment worth approximately $60,000.

“It was money. It is what it is,” Galette said. “I just have to do a better job surrounding myself with better people. This was a lesson for me. A tough one. This was the incident that got me out of here (New Orleans) because I met with the (Saints) coaches maybe a week after this, and basically had gotten the message that I was about to be released.”

Galette was released by the Saints in July, 2015.

7 responses to “Junior Galette wins decision in civil suit stemming from 2015 arrest

  1. Maybe he needs to surround himself with better people, but he also needs to keep his belt firmly around his own waste, and not try whipping women with it. I mean if he can’t defend himself against them every OL will have him crying since he’s so delicate.

  2. Was he ever suspended for this? Charged but charges were dropped, but a video exists.

    Zeke was charged and charges dropped, no video but plenty of corroborating witnesses for Zeke and the league is still considering penalties.

    Hope this piece of trash (whipping a woman with a belt on the beach) gets an NFL penalty.

  3. Its hard to tell from the video what happened. Its clear Galette was chasing after a women swinging a belt at her but it didnt connect as far as I could tell. Then a bunch of people got in the way of the camera, a loud thud was heard and someone ended up on the ground KO’d by a punch, followed by several people yelling ‘you’re going to jail!’ Its impossible to tell if the person on the ground is a woman or man, heck it could be Galette for all we know, but it seems separate to the belt attack. I dont think a Jury could find him guilty of anything based on that video, other than being an idiot.

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