Lawyers urge Patriots to compensate families of Aaron Hernandez’s alleged victims


Lawyers representing the families of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in a wrongful death lawsuit against the estate of Aaron Hernandez called for the New England Patriots to provide compensation to the families on Tuesday.

According to Travis Anderson of the Boston Globe, attorneys Kenneth Kolpan and William Kennedy made statements calling for the Patriots to compensate the families after a hearing in the case in Suffolk Superior Court on Tuesday.

“We would welcome the Patriots looking into that issue and doing the right thing, which is to compensate the victims,” said Kolpan, who represents the de Abreu family.

The statements by Koplan and Kennedy piggyback onto another wrongful death lawsuit against Hernandez by Ursula Ward – Odin Lloyd’s mother – whose lawyer implored the Patriots to pay $6 million owed to Hernandez to the family estate so it could be sought by the civil lawsuits.

Lawyers for Hernandez’s estate claim that Massachusetts law prohibits civil suits from seeking punitive damages against a deceased defendant.

Hernandez was found not guilty of murdering de Abreu and Furtado by a jury during a trial in April. His conviction for the murder of Lloyd was then subsequently voided due to an obscure Massachusetts law that granted “abatement ab initio” to Hernandez after he committed suicide on April 19. Since the appeals process had not concluded, the conviction for the murder of Lloyd was nullified.

57 responses to “Lawyers urge Patriots to compensate families of Aaron Hernandez’s alleged victims

  1. Pats should donate $2 million to some sort of victims relief fund, $1 mil in the name of de Abreu and the other in the name of Furtado.

    The Pats should then laugh in these lawyers’ faces.

  2. I’m not sure why the Patriots should be compelled to pay anybody anything. I’m pretty sure if I went on a shooting spree the company where I work would not be expected to pay the families of my victims. An awful situation for all those connected to those men but this sounds like just a money grab by those lawyers. The Patriots had nothing to do with the actions of Hernandez and should pay nothing.

  3. While the patriots would gain a lot of credit for choosing to compensate said families in light of their name being attached to the murderer, I fail to see how they are obligated to compensate anyone.

    Cash grab by lawyers looking for their cut.

  4. Can’t see where the Patriots (or any employer) would have an obligation for an employee’s misdeeds. I’m sure that the 6 million, if paid, would find it’s way into the lawyers pockets rather than the families anyway.

  5. Sleezebag kraft is too busy compensating his 25 yr old girlfriend , like that lowlife scumbag would even consider this hahaha please

  6. Look, we can hate the Pats as much as the next guy, but there’s no way they should be responsible for paying the families of the victims.

    I mean, I see the point of Ms. Ward’s suit (for the Pats to pay Hernandez’s money to the estate so it could be used by the estate for the costs of the civil damages) but that’s really the fault of the Massachusetts law and not the Patriots. Because the inexplicable law nullifies Hernandez’s sentence, he’ll get his money, but it’ll at least go to a good cause if the Pats are forced to pay it. Kind of a “So, you’re gonna make us pay? Okay, well we’ll do it so it goes to a place where the families of your alleged victims have a shot at getting it.”

  7. Condolences to these families. Innocent lives were brutally taken away from loved ones.

    But the Pats aren’t liable.

    Wouldnt be surprised if Mr Kraft makes some kind of gesture though.
    He’s a good man.

  8. “We would welcome the Patriots looking into that issue and doing the right thing, which is to compensate the victims,”

    Why? Because the Patriots did the wrong thing and signed Hernandez to a $40M contract while knowing that he was a psycho murderer? Psycho to the point that he would murder himself so his fiance could be rich?

    Yeah, that makes perfect sense…

  9. I know this must be a joke. Why do the Patriots owe these people anything? Are your employers responsible for any action you may take ? Another lawyer trying to get something out of the big bad boss. If they want to get something they should try to change the law in Mass. that doesn’t allow them to file a civil suit. “do the right thing” – give me a break!

  10. Lawyers losing their simple minds !! This is nothing more than them looking for a way to take their 40% cut to line their own pockets !!!!

  11. The Pats organization should not have to compensate the families. That sounds harsh but the Patriots are not responsible for what an employee does on their own time. If a company had to pay damages caused by an employee for things that happen away from work, that would open a huge can of worms. Take the Rae Carruth situation, the Panthers should (and I believe did not) pay any money to the victim’s family. They cannot be held responsible for the actions of an employee during non work hours.

  12. Hernandez was scum and deserved what he did to himself. If the Patriots actually (legally) owe his estate money, then it should be paid to his estate. But the headline “Lawyers urge Patriots to compensate families of Aaron Hernandez alleged victims” screams of money grabbing from where you can find deep pockets by the families of these victims. The Patriots had nothing to do with the death of their loved ones. But then I’m not a lawyer and I don’t have personal knowledge of the contract between NE and Hernandez. There are so many people nowadays looking for a big payday without working for it that it makes me suspicious of everyone seeking “compensation”.

  13. Excellent!

    Well, they are white and wealthy so who cares if it’s fair, sensible or legal, right?

    In fact, let’s make this a league wide policy that very team must compensate the families of everyone and anyone injured or in any way disaffected by an NFL player.

  14. As he’d successfully appealed those 2 murders their families would have had a tough time in civil. But only $3.25M was still liable guaranteed, but he’d already legally tried and failed to get it as the contract was voidable under the CBA – because at time of signing Hernandez hadn’t alerted Pats to some behavior, and could have later been voided when he went to prison.

    If he’d ultimately been found innocent in appeal of the remaining 3rd murder charge, he could maybe have filed for lost earnings etc, but that would be against the state for wrongful imprisonment, not the Pats. But we all know, from his “you’re rich” suicide note to his family, that he cynically suicided during his highly speculative appeal against that remaining conviction so that the murder charge would have to abate and his family could keep his previously earned millions.

  15. Here’s a better idea, sue Hernández’s parents. They created him, not the Krafts. How about those families supported drug dealing, murdering gang bangers? Any chance in the land of rights without responsibility we can hold these folks to the fire?

    Nah, Deep pockets baby. the other stuff is smoke & noise.

  16. Lol….the lawyers want the Patriots to pay the families for the 2 guys that Hernandez was found not guilty of….. Yeah makes perfect sense!!!
    & with Henandez doing the world a favor & killing himself, by law, removed the Patfiots of any obligations of past/future money owed…..
    Sounds to me like this is a last desperate attempt to get paid by the lawyers!!!!

  17. Lawyers wanting money from Pats so they can sue for it. I’m sure they’ll get right on that…..

  18. Good luck getting blood from this turnip. This is the same greedy/clown/ahole of an owner that said spending money to install end zone and goal line cameras would be too expensive. Integrity, you know.

  19. The lawyers for the victims seem to be missing a step in their quest to get their hands on money owed to Hernandez from the Pats.
    First Aaron Hernandez’s estate must get the funds from NE either by a direct payment or litigation against the Pats. Assuming the estate wins, the victims must now sue the estate to get their hands on that money. The Patriots would never agree to pay the victims directly

  20. Ridiculous. Pat’s shouldn’t be on the hook for anything this psychopath did. They weren’t responsible for Hernandez’s actions nor did they cover up for him. Just another case of low life lawyers trying to shake down anyone they can, to put more money in their own pocket when they take their cut of the total recovery fund.

  21. What the heck do the Patriots have to do with this? I feel terribly for those families and they should be angry with Hernandez and his cowardly exit but the Patriots (and I HATE the Patriots) have no liability here at all. Can you imagine that they go after your employer (who one would assume had no knowledge or responsibility in the murder) if YOU kill someone, what a terrible precedent that would set. People are just crazy, sorry.

  22. Why should the Patriots pay for this? They did not know Hernandez was going to be a murderer, so how are they liable at all other than employing him? There is no “do(ing) the right thing”. They owe these people nothing.

    They are also right to try not to pay his estate since he broke their contract.

    I wonder how much each of these families already got from begging for money via GoFundMe?

  23. The dude was crazy before he played for the Pats. If anything, his upbringing should be blamed for his behavior. So sue his family, not his employer. Lawyers, always going to the source of most money.

  24. The Patriots are bound by the NFL’s collective-bargaining agreement and not a court decision. The majority of contracts list a “wrongdoing” clause that then enables a club to withhold a bonus or salary if they feel a player has “violated” what the team considers wrongdoing.

    Regardless of how any ruling from a court goes, the team looks at the conduct of that player and then decides if they feel he violated their “wrongdoing” clause; plain and simple.

    Plainly: he murdered people.

    Simply: that clearly is “wrongdoing” and he (the estate) isn’t getting a penny.

  25. Why don’t their lawyers compensate the families? They’re as much to blame as tbe Patriots organization….I’ve seen a ton of ridiculous self-serving BS from lawyers but this may take the cake

  26. I must have missed the part where the Kraft family were charged with killing those people.

  27. Just because he was a player for the Patriots, I don’t quite understand why everyone always wants to come down on them so harshly. The team doesn’t owe the families anything. It isn’t like they were providing Hernandez with his guns and bullets. They didn’t help him cover up the crimes. If Mr Kraft and the Kraft family wanted to “do the right thing”, that is their business and it would be a nice gesture. But putting them on the spot like that, and demanding they compensate the families of the victims, that’s garbage. How much money did the Ravens give to the Ray Lewis victims (allegedly)? How much did the Panthers give to Rae Carruth’s victims? How much did the Bills give to OJ Simpson’s victims? Are the Packers and/or Saints paying the victims of Darren Sharper? Of course not. Hernandez was the bad crowd that people wanted him to avoid, he was not a good guy. I hardly see that being something you can pin on his employer. Those that hate the Patriots will completely disagree with me, but that’s America 2017.

  28. Money, get away
    Get a good job with more pay and you’re O.K.
    Money, it’s a gas
    Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
    New car, caviar, four star daydream,
    Think I’ll buy me a football team

    – Pink Floyd

  29. And I am asking for the New England Patriots to pay me some money
    I really can’t see how the New England Patriots are obligated to pay money like that but I do wish I give me some money

    Just because

  30. “The statements by Koplan and Kennedy piggyback onto another wrongful death lawsuit against Hernandez by Ursula Ward – Odin Lloyd’s mother – whose lawyer implored the Patriots to pay $6 million owed to Hernandez to the family estate so it could be sought by the civil lawsuits.”

    These criminal lawyers already know the estate is in default and has a number of liens against it, including what his lawyers from the Lloyd and Abreu cases are owed. After the taxes are paid on the 6m, both income and estate, whatever is left would go to the additional lawyers and bills that will come as a result of the additional court actions to make it all happen. No one getting rich here but suits.

  31. Wait, why stop with the Patriots? Hernandez was employed in the NFL, so the NFL should pay too. Let’s take it one step further than that, he was employed in the US so the government should pay them as well. F’n ridiculous. There is no depth to which a lawyer won’t sink in order to try and get paid.

  32. I must have missed the many cases where companies/employers decided to voluntarily compensate people who are harmed by something one of their employee’s does in their free time. When the action was is in no way related to the employee’s function of being an employee.

    Doesn’t sound much different than the stories you may hear of big lottery winners being contacted by random people attempting to justify a reason why the lottery winner should give them a handout.

  33. joetorontoeatsdic says:
    Jul 12, 2017 3:27 AM
    Pats fans don’t have anything to say. Shocking

    12 76


    But as usual nitwits like you are here on Pats articles.

  34. superpatriotsfan says:
    Jul 12, 2017 9:14 AM
    Lol Patriots denying the facts. The Patriot way!

    6 46


    What facts are they denying?

  35. Lemmy Aksyadis says:
    Jul 12, 2017 6:58 AM
    Here’s a better idea, sue Hernández’s parents…


    Aaron’s father died from a botched hernia surgery when Aaron was 16, his father was 49 y.o.

    It’s been said that he and his family never recovered from the trauma of his father’s death and that led to him falling in with the wrong crowd and a downward life spiral. It doesn’t excuse his behavior, but it helps explain it, in part.

  36. “. This is the same greedy/clown/ahole of an owner that said spending money to install end zone and goal line cameras would be too expensive. Integrity, you know.”

    Actually that was John Mara, not Kraft but keep lying about the Pats if it makes you feel better

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