Leslie Frazier wants Bills defenders playing fast

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Rex Ryan didn’t work out as the head coach of the Bills for several reasons, but the fact that the defense floundered in his two years in Buffalo was among the biggest ones.

The Bills had a strong defense in 2014 under then-coordinator Jim Schwartz, but Ryan’s units never approached the same success and there was no shortage of griping about the complexity of the system from the players during his tenure. There’s been a better response to the scheme installed by new head coach Sean McDermott and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, who attributes that reaction to stripping things down to the bare essentials.

“We don’t want to complicate things for our players at all in what we’re trying to get accomplished,” Frazier said on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Alex Marvez and Bill Polian. “We really want our players to be able to play fast and they have adopted very well to the 4-3, and also some of the terminology that we’ve introduced them to. The guys, they’re really excited about the system and some of the things that we’re trying to get accomplished. All the players, they all want to play fast. They want to be able to, ‘Just put me in a position, Coach, and let me go.’ And that’s what we want to be able to do with our players, because we think we have some very talented defenders.”

Frazier expects the team to have a “pretty stout front,” which is a less bold prediction than some of the ones Ryan made in Buffalo thanks to players like Marcell Dareus and Jerry Hughes moving back to similar roles to the ones they played in 2014. If he’s right, the team’s record may improve along with their defensive standing.

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  1. I’m very familiar with McDermott’s defense in Carolina. Not so much Frazier’s. I hope he’s the right guy for this. Maybe someone who has watched him closer could comment? Is he the right guy to implement a simpler, faster defense?

  2. Is he the right guy to implement a simpler, faster defense?

    Yes, it’s going to be so simple that offenses will effortlessly pick it apart.

  3. Given how successful Wade Phillips was against the Patriots while in Denver, it is a mystery why AFCE teams didn’t pursue him for a DC position. Bufallo especially missed out.

  4. There are concerns with the secondary but the front 7 should see significant improvement, especially with Dareus not missing 8 games, a healthy K. Williams and a happy Jerry Hughes. The additions of Ragland and Lawson will be like having 2 first rounders thrown in as well.

  5. “Leslie Frazier wants Bills defenders playing fast”

    In contrast to most other coordinators, who want their defenders playing slow?

  6. Having D lineman 40 yards down field in pass coverage is hard for non-Ryans to understand.
    Bring in the guy who set the record for worst pass defense in NFL History and putting him in charge of the secondary is hard to understand. Taking the Top defense in sacks and 2nd in turnovers and moving them to 23rd best is hard to understand.
    Yes, Rex’s Defense was hard to understand. Just having 3 Pro Bowl D-Line and a # 1 Pick on the line focus on getting to the QB should simplify the defense and help win more games.

  7. The off season in Buffalo is as good as it gets.

    It’s all downhill though once the season starts.

  8. Tom Brady has really struggled against the Cover 2. What with not having good tight ends and all.. But at least Leslie is know for his great half time adjustments.

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