Non-moving teams to rake in $55 million from Rams, Chargers, Raiders

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The Rams and Chargers and Raiders are adding value to their franchises by moving.

But it’s lucrative for the teams staying put as well.

According to Darren Rovell of, each team in the league that isn’t moving will get $55.2 million over the next 11 years thanks to their carpetbagging partners.

The Rams and Chargers each pay a total of $645 million to move to Los Angeles, which can be paid in over 10 years from December 2019 to December 2028. The Raiders will pay $378 million over 10 years, a reflection of the value of the Las Vegas market relative to L.A.

The Chargers and Rams don’t get a share from each other for the L.A. move,  but they will get a share of the Raiders’ fee.

That kind of free money also explains why owners were so enthusiastic to vote for three relocations in a short amount of time.

5 responses to “Non-moving teams to rake in $55 million from Rams, Chargers, Raiders

  1. I’m curious, given the 650MM relocation fee, and having to pay rent to Stan Kroenke, how much extra will the Chargers make in LA over the next 20 years as opposed to staying in San Diego?

  2. They could double in value merely by being in LA as opposed so San Diego (or St Louis in the case of the Rams).

  3. Teams are worth what someone else will pay for them. How many people could by the Rams and the stadium in LA if SK sold them ? The team is worth $ 1.5 Billion ? The stadium and surroundings $ 3 -$ 4 billion ? And what fan cares about what your team is worth ? Does that make them win or be a better team ? What it does is raise your ticket, concession and parking prices. At some point this will all level out and go the other way. TV contracts that generate the most revenue for the NFL will eventually go down. Other cities that have owners that need or want new stadiums and want the city to pay for them , need to pay attention to the dollar amount that each team receives from teams moving. If the city does not want to build a stadium for your team , there will be another city that will. The owners will approve the move to keep raking in the money for doing nothing but simply saying yes.

  4. intrafinesse………………….. I think of all the moves teams have made from one city to another , the Chargers moving from SD to LA will be one of the worst of all time. They could have owned SD. Seems very simple to me . If the owner can pay a relocation fee and pay rent to another owner why not take all that money and teamed up the city of SD and built a very nice stadium there ? The NFL would have kicked in money as well. The owner seemed dead set on moving to try to keep up with SK and Raiders ? I don’t get the move. All the while you leave fans that have supported you for nearly 60 years high and dry . This is the NFL.

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