Rams seeking dismissal, ruling via arbitration in lawsuit with St. Louis over relocation

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A year and a half after the Rams left the Midwest for the sun of Southern California, the court battle over their departure is beginning to move forward more substantially.

According to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, attorneys representing the Rams filed multiple motions in St. Louis Circuit Court on Tuesday.

The three motions seek to: dismiss the case for failure to state a claim, dismiss the case for lack of personal jurisdiction, and appeal to have the case determined through arbitration rather than in front of a St. Louis based jury.

The motions in the case will be decided upon by Judge Christopher McGraugh.

The suit – filed by the city of St. Louis, St. Louis county, and the Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority – seeks damages and restitution of profits from the NFL, Rams and the 31 other NFL franchises for various alleged grievances. The suit claims the Rams and NFL breached its contract by violating its own relocation standards, and made intentionally false and misleading statements, unjustly enriched themselves and interfered with business expectations.

According to Thomas, the motion seeking arbitration states that all five counts should be subject to arbitration under terms of the lease held with the stadium and relocation agreement from 1995. However, the Rams terminated that lease before they moved to Los Angeles, which potentially negates that standing.

The process for McGraugh to rule on the motions is expected to take weeks. By the time a decision is made, the Rams may already be playing their second season in Los Angeles.

3 responses to “Rams seeking dismissal, ruling via arbitration in lawsuit with St. Louis over relocation

  1. Stan kroenke and the NFL screwed st. Louis. It shouldn’t be so easy that kroenke gets to have the case dismissed. He left a lot of rams related debt behind in st. Louis. What a crock.

  2. So…….., you terminate the agreement and then want to use it for your own benefit? It is easy to understand why the team is ineffective on the field when it is a joke off the field with Stanley and Kevin running the show.

  3. * St. Louis promised the Rams that the Dome would be a top tier stadium for 30 years at zero cost to the Rams. It wasn’t worth leaving the #2 media market in the country without such a promise.

    * St. Louis insisted that the Rams’ legal remedy for this would be freedom to relocate when the Rams wanted the ability to sue St. Louis to compel promised upgrades instead.

    * St. Louis never even tried to keep their First Tier Promise, even despite the Rams waiving the 2005 “First Tier Check” in exchange for a lousy $30 million in improvements that didn’t address the main issues.

    * When it came to arbitration for the 2015 check, St. Louis made a proposal that would call for partial funding by the Rams and not result in a First Tier stadium despite the lease terms.

    * It’s only after St. Louis announced they would not meet the First Tier Promise (and thus contractually allowed the Rams to relocate) and Kroenke bought the Hollywood Park property that St. Louis started coming up with their Riverfront Stadium proposal, which would be new but be bottom tier on the day it opened.

    It’s always easy to kneejerk blame the owners for moving, but anyone commenting here would have moved the team too.

    And this case should be dismissed. Win or lose, the goal of St. Louis leadership here is to continue to try to fool the populace into thinking it’s Stan’s fault when it’s 100% theirs.

    Google Ray Hartmann. He was the only St. Louis journalist who was honest about all this despite having no love for the Rams or the NFL.

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