Report: Broncos won’t hold pre-camp passing workouts


Pre-camp workouts for quarterbacks and their receivers have become commonplace around the NFL in recent years and the Broncos have been part of the trend.

Peyton Manning organized workouts at Duke University while he was still with the team and Mark Sanchez did the same in California last year, although that extra work didn’t help Sanchez make the team’s 53-man roster come September. Wideouts Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders said that they would be back in California with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch again this month, but those plans have reportedly been scrapped.

Nicki Jhabvala of the Denver Post reports that the passing camp is “not happening anymore.”

That will leave Siemian and Lynch to resume their competition for the starting job at the team’s first training camp practice on July 27. The lack of the pre-training camp camp probably won’t alter coach Vance Joseph’s timeline for making a call, although it will mean a bit less time for everyone to work together and develop the chemistry Sanders is hoping to see in the passing game.

9 responses to “Report: Broncos won’t hold pre-camp passing workouts

  1. Funny how Broncos fans convinced themselves they didn’t need a QB and their defense would carry them. What a delusional bunch!

  2. If I was a borderline QB I’d hold the passing workouts on my own. The upside is a potential 12-18 million dollar a year pay out. Whats the downside, a week of your off summer, plus paying for your team mates lodging?

  3. Translation: neither of these guys are the QB of future as 1 is just a late round journeyman type and the other is a talented slacker who can’t beat out the mediocre journeyman. Now, Horse face has to find a way to snag a top 3 pick next year to draft a REAL QB of the future…

  4. Well Elway let see if you were right trading up for Lynch. My guess is that you are better off selling cars than evaluating quarterbacks.

  5. So funny to read the comments on here, obviously out of fear, because every one of these turds know if the Broncos find even a decent QB, with their defense, they will once again be dominant. Say your prayers, turds

  6. Seems like management is getting farther from solving problems in Denver, not closer to. Rookie head coach, no clear QB hierarchy, frustrated receivers, and a defense slowly declining. Good franchise, but no longer a threat to win it all. Not likely to make the playoffs again this year.

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