Richard Sherman: Players need to be willing to strike


Sometimes, things need to be said. Even if they invite criticism.

In this case, the things said by Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman should elicit praise. He has become the first star NFL player (who also happens to be a member of the NFL Player Association’s Executive Committee) to say what needs to be said at a time when players throughout the league are confounded by the disparity between NBA and NFL player pay.

To improve their individual pay, NFL players need to improve their collective pay. To improve their collective pay, they need to be willing to strike.

“If we want to get anything done, players have to be willing to strike,” Sherman said at Wednesday night’s ESPYs in L.A., via “That’s the thing that guys need to 100 percent realize. You’re going to have to miss games, you’re going to have to lose some money if you’re willing to make the point, because that’s how MLB and NBA got it done.”

He’s absolutely right, and he needed to say it. When the owners didn’t like the labor deal, they first opted out of the contract and then locked the players out of their livelihood. And the owners were willing to extend the lockout into the regular season. The players weren’t, the owners knew it, and a deal was resolved with only one game (the Hall of Fame exhibition contest) missed.

This doesn’t mean a strike is inevitable. But without the threat of a strike, the players will never get the terms they want, and an imbalance will linger. (If you don’t think there’s an imbalance, consider this: Has any owner complained once about the financial terms of the CBA since it was finalized six years ago?)

Of course, the threat of a strike will be meaningless if they don’t follow through on it. But that’s a story for a different day. For now, the players need to be willing to include “strike” within their potential options for proceeding come 2021.

111 responses to “Richard Sherman: Players need to be willing to strike

  1. Teams should negotiate a guaranteed amount with every player and the rest of the contract should be strictly incentive based. Based off the incentives, the players can make up to the full amount of the agreed dollar amount, let’s say $15 mill for that year, considering he hits on specific metrics that are negotiated in the contract.

  2. If they are so unhappy with the pay maybe they should try another profession that they like better. That is what people do. They can use their free education they received.

  3. Let them strike and just get replacement players. I enjoyed watching the Redskins replacement players defeat the Cowboys (a team of mostly NFL starters) and would welcome more of that. It was awesome to watch players that badly wanted to make their mark and hope for a future in the game. Heck, I’d pay to see it.

  4. If their union is worth anything they have money to pay some percentage of wages while the players strike. This would only matter to udfa and fringe players but it would enable low end workers to meet financial commitments in the short term until a better deal is made.

  5. NFL players, concerning NBA salaries:

    The only time you look in your neighbor’s bowl is to make sure that they have enough. You don’t look in your neighbor’s bowl to see if you have as much as them.

  6. NFL players are screwed for 2 main reasons

    1. contracts are not guaranteed yet they play a violent sport which should support its members with full guaranteed contracts and or other provisions that account for injury but not the weak unity settlement. Not to mention Healthcare!

    2. the NBA MLB NHL MLS PGA do not test or punish marijuana usage they simply accept it. Why does the most physical sport (NFL) show so much push back when every other major professional American sport does not? It serves two distinct purposes as I see it. A .bargaining chip/leverage for labor talks in the NFLs pocket and b. They obviously work with modern medicine but have had a long history of prescribing opioids. The fact that marijuana is generally considered accepted by the American public for recreational yet alone medicine only makes my point more obvious yet players are black balled and lose millions of dollars in contracts and harm their professional image and marketing opportunities with irreparable damage for using something every other professional athlete can use with no fear of opportunity loss.

    We call Josh Gordon a drug addict/ moron yet many of us in the know can tell you that over half of all professional athletes atleast use marijuana occasionally and face no public or financial windfalls for it since testing isn’t required or public.

    The whole situation smells something awful it’s not just about games and salaries it’s about fairness of deals. The NFL has been a NON PROFIT aka not paying most taxes forever until recently.
    Sherman is correct although Wed hate to miss viewing games the playing field needs to be shifted more fairly. NFL teams have all the leverage and since most players don’t make the 2.9 million average they can’t afford to miss money which only perpetuates the cycle worse.

  7. As a former union stooge lawyer and now a “journalist” I would say that your persistent stoking the fires of a player strike is both predictable and duplicitous.

    Carry on Florio. Just know that we know.

  8. Sherman is right. The issue is NFL careers are so short that nobody wants to sacrifice their career (and subsequent earning window) to be the guy to fall on the sword. The owners know that and that’s why the NFLPA is the weakest union in American pro sports.

  9. I’d like to see them strike. Try to ruin the game. You don’t get NBA contracts because NBA teams don’t have a roster size of 53 people.

    If they strike I may be done with football. I won’t go to a game, I won’t buy merchandise.

    Then again, maybe they should strike. Then the NFL can bring in scabs for a year. The product will suffer but only temporarily. New college players would jump at the chance to play in the NFL for what players make now. I think I’d actually be ok with that for a season or two. Then all the players who strike will either have to tuck their tail between their legs and come begging to be let back in or they stop playing the game they love.

  10. 16 games with 53 player rosters vs 82 games with 12 player rosters.

    Apples and oranges, Sherman. Not very bright for being a Stanford grad.

  11. The players should strike!!!

    As watching millionaires argue with billionaires has to be more interesting than watching Thursday Night Football…

  12. He’s right but too many players are too financially irresponsible to see it through. The players need to SAVE at least a year’s salary to make it work. But unfortunately most won’t and will feel the pinch to get the paychecks rolling again. A significant number of players will abdicate their position of power by NOT saving. Even if the NFLPA advises them to do so, two or three years before the current deal ends.

  13. You play 20 games a year.
    –NBA plays 82.

    NBA Season-6-8 months
    — NFL Season 4-5 months.

    NFL Roster 45-53 players
    NBA Roster 12-15 players.

    If the NFLPA makes ridiculous demands, and the players strike, I’m out.

    No more season tickets, no more following the NFL. Period.

    Choose wisely players.

  14. Disagree, author. People are already turned off by the game. Evidenced last year. I felt less attached to the plastic league that resembles little of what I grew up watching in the 80s and 90s. Sherman is just another guy who goes along with the “don’t stand for the anthem it’s fine” and spits in the face of the fan for mo’ money.

    Go ahead, strike again. I won’t come back. We’ve seen it happen in baseball. We’ve seen it happen in hockey. Don’t think the NFL is too strong to not lose fans. This stuff is off-putting. These guys make enough money; guaranteed or otherwise and very few of them even know what to do with it.

    Sherman is everything that is wrong with today’s athlete; today’s NFL player. He is an educated Stanford idiot. He does not realize how fortunate he is. Guy should be blackballed from the league and made to sell for a living. But he wouldn’t have to because he will die bathing in millions after he’s spent it on honeys, divorces, cars, gold, and everything else his peers waste it on daily. They are insanely over paid. This makes me want to watch the game even less this upcoming season.

  15. bottom line…the average player in any major sport is a millionare. no sympathy here. of course, im not running for head of the player union, as it seems Mr. Florio is. And i wish you the best of luck, sir.

  16. Florio always falls on the side of the players.
    I think the players make too much money already. Look at the players who were just drafted. The money they get for just signing their names on a contract is absurd. After all, they’ve never even set foot on an NFL football field.
    I don’t care how much money the owners are making, either, though it’s ridiculous, too. I am not arguing that. But they spend millions (in some cases billions) to buy a team and they foot all the bills, so they have all the risks.
    When I see a backup QB named Mike Glennon get a contract with the Bears which will pay him 45 million dollars over the next three years — 18.5 which is guaranteed — I wonder how any of these NFL players can complain. Glennon has only thrown 11 passes over the last two years.
    If the players want to go on strike to get more money, let them. I hope the owners sign scab players just like they did in 1987 and keep on playing the games. I couldn’t care less who is playing in the games, I’ll still watch them. In 1987 when the scab players suited up and played, I actually thought it was refreshing watching guys whose dream to play professional football get an opportunity to do it. They were out there giving it their all. I didn’t miss the “real” players one bit.
    I stopped caring about any of these NFL players a long time ago. It’s the uniform I root for, not the individual players.
    Remember this — the players didn’t give a hoot about the NFL officials in 2012 when they were locked out by the owners and the owners hired scab officials to officiate the games. They showed up and played the games. I didn’t see them refusing to cross the picket lines of the officials. Yeah, they complained about the officiating by the scab officials, but they didn’t care enough to join the regular officials by not crossing their picket lines.
    And I don’t care about the players having short careers to make as much money as they can, either. There are many people in much more dangerous professions than the NFL players who make paltry sums compared to NFL players. See our men and women in the service, for instance.
    Let’s be realistic. The NFL players don’t care about the fans any more than the owners do. I didn’t see the players complain when the owners came up with charging season ticket holders seat licensing fees, which was outright thievery. The players didn’t care about the fans any more than the owners did. So this fan doesn’t care about them.
    The NFL players make a lot of money already. Even the lowest paid players make more money in just a few years than most people make in their lifetimes. Understand, I don’t blame them for wanting all they can get, but I won’t miss them if they go on strike. That’s my main point.
    Richard Sherman is one of Florio’s favorite players because he has a big mouth. He is a self promoting big mouth who loves getting his name in the papers, and it works.

  17. But if NFL players make more money, then the Cowboys will be worth only, like, $3.9B instead of $4.2B. That sound fair to you? That the ‘Boys should be worth only a smidge more the Yankees and Man U? You a commie or something? Probably want an increase in the minimum wage, too, huh, pinko?

  18. They get 51% as it is. 53 man rosters monster coaching staffs of course they get paid less. Maybe they can charge viewers more to cover it.

  19. Easy for you to say Richie. In 2021 you’ll be out of the league with your $50,000,000, so nothing to lose.

  20. I think they also have to realize that without professional sports the majority of the players earning potential is a fraction of a game check.

    It’s tough to sympathize with guys that are physically gifted and not so smart complaining about their outrageously high salaries.

    If you don’t like it play basketball or baseball.

  21. Sherman will be missing games soon enough w/o striking. He will be riding pine as he is in the October of his career. But his mouth is stuck in January stupid.

  22. “(If you don’t think there’s an imbalance, consider this: Has any owner complained once about the CBA since it was finalized six years ago?)”
    Um, yes. Management and coaches have many criticisms actually if you weren’t so blinded by your bias. Starting with the ridiculous practice schedule allowed by the cba.

  23. its not apples to apples. what nba players make is irrelevant. they aren’t doing the same job. plus theres only 450 or so nba players getting paid for what they do…. theres something like 1,700 nfl players. less employees, its that simple.

    the fact that nba salaries are ridiculous is not a valid arguement for higher nfl salaries.

  24. THe NBA has nothing to do with the NFL. Different game, schedule, # of players, seats at venues etc.

    This is greed pure and simple and they expect us to pay for it. Don’t waste my time telling me about how rich owners are. This is America. You want more money? Go buy a team.

    No support for striking millionaires. You think rules & refs are killing the game? Go ahead and strike. Watch what happens.

  25. Good luck with that, too many players living above what they can afford, and a league where every superstar is easily replaceable. You don’t even see their face like you do NBA or MLB players. If NFL strikes some billionaire should bring back real football, not the offensive slanted game the NFL has become.

  26. Hopefully other star players develop a set of balls too. Problem is if it ever came to the point of a strike the owners have a lot more money in the bank to ride out short term losses compared to the players.

  27. Since the last labor agreement, the salary cap rises each year in huge volumes. Now the NFL has average players making huge sums with the thought that they are the next super stars. Kirk Cousins is not a top 3 QB but getting paid like it.

    Here’s what that has bought us. Bottom teams; bears, 9’ers, jags, jets, bills. Top teams; pit, NE, GB, and boys come to mind. More like pariah than parity football. We know months before the season starts what teams to watch and not watch.

  28. Yeah, strike. Many fans are barely hanging in there now what with the total lack of integrity from the commissioners office and constant rule changes, lack of common Sense regarding full time referees, ugh….

    A strike? Ill be done. The only thing keeping me interested now is fantasy football.

    How times have changed.

  29. The owners take care of their complaints through the negotiations, not by going to the press and whining in public, which accomplishes nothing. This is why they succeed at business while you write stories.

  30. “If you don’t think there’s an imbalance, consider this: Has any owner complained once about the CBA since it was finalized six years ago?”
    That’s the measure of balance? Comparing the attitudes of one group that averages three years of money making ability to another that averages decades?
    And by that measure, if I cannot find NBA owners complaining does that mean Steph Curry got screwed on his deal?

  31. In my opinion, both professional athletes and their owners need to be taken down a peg or two and made to realize they are both overpaid for what they offer to society. The owners are greedy jerks and the athletes are no better. How, as a society, can we justify giving these players the huge amounts of money for the uneducated job they do? The owners are no better . . . . . . refer to the previous article that shows what the owners shared last year . . . . this is criminal!

  32. He’s not wrong, but he’s also not likeable.

    Sadly, if the players succeed the game of football will be less compelling.

    Best for fans and players if they focus on player-safety.

  33. Go ahead…. ‘Strike’ and commit suicide with the many ‘Fans’ making maybe $30,000 to $40,000 a year trying to support a family….Yes, keep saying that word to the people who work hard everyday to enable you to enjoy your current life style….
    {Greed has become paramount of ALL professional athletes…Owners…they ALL need a ‘REALITY’ check !!}

  34. What are you talking about? Another liberal schill “article”. You are so anti-owner it is ridiculous.

    The NBA plays 82 games. The NFL plays 16.

    The NBA has 5 starters per team. The NFL has 22.

    Shut your piehole.

  35. So you need to lose money in order to make money? If you want NBA money, go play in the NBA and become a top 5 player. You play in a sport that has 50+ players on a roster. You’re not going to make $48 million a year in this league for another 20 years or so if ever. And there’s no guarantee the NFL will be around in 20 years.

  36. Reading most of these comments reaffirms that football fans are the dumbest fans of the major sports.

    The vast majority of the comments support the criminal owners, and yes they are proven criminals, Ziggy Wilf, Jimmy Haslam, Yet the players which are the reason the NFL became popular are bashed constantly.

    All of you must be millionaire business owners or u are just flat out dumb

  37. So the players want NBA size contracts. OK. If I am the owners, if there is a strike for that, the offer I make is to play an NBA schedule. Season lasting from September to May, 90 games, (That is 10 games per month). No salary cap nor floor.
    Watch the players and Florio suddenly bring up safety and injuries and too tired to play and every other excuse not to do that.

  38. As long as they can make the owners give up more of their share of the pie WITHOUT having them raise season ticket prices I will support the players. But then I would expect to see unicorns and Elizabeth Warren dating Trump……NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

  39. How many more geniuses do I have to hear regurgitate the statistics about how many people are on an NBA roster and and how many games they play verses the NFL? The dead horse is a bloody unrecognizable corpse. Aside from the fact that most of us already knew this information in the first place it’s now been stated enough times that it never needs to happen again

  40. Unions always assume that if they strike, they will get a better deal. What players like Sherman, at the high end of the pay scale don’t understand in the negotiations is that there are more lower end salaried players then the top 10 paid players. All management has to do is raise the wages of the bottom 3/5 of the players, increased minimums etc. They can even take some of the money from the top 10. and the proposal will pass the Union vote. This has happened many times to teamsters who had red lined contracts where senior drivers were paid more.

  41. Here’s another interesting thought, there won’t be any reason to open up and read this website if they strike!
    (wish I had to big eyes emoji).

  42. And sometimes people need to know when to shut up. That’s something Richard Sherman will never know.

    Seems to be a lot of dead horses around here that keep getting beaten.

  43. I actually agree with the NFL players to a point and what NBA players make is just stupid. They pay guys who score 6 points a game 10 million a year. I have to wonder if the market will continue to bear that kind of money in the long run for the NBA.

    Anyhow, the fact of the matter is that the NFL has to pay about 6 times the amount of players won’t allow the kind of money that NBA players make. Plus the NFL has a hard cap that the players and owners have negotiated and agreed upon. The NBA? their cap is NOT a hard cap they have all of these exemptions and teams can pretty much go over the cap they just pay the luxury tax.

  44. Isn’t it time we use ALL the facts?
    NFL: 53 players
    NBA: up to 16 players
    NFL Games: 16
    NBA Games: 82
    NFL Average Salary: $2.1 million
    NBA Average Salary: $6.2 million
    NBA Salary Cap 2017: $100 million
    NFL Salary Cap 2017: $167 million
    NBA Salary Cap percentage of basketball related income: 49-51%
    NFL Salary Cap percentage of football related income: 51%
    The argument of the players seems ridiculous doesn’t it? The real issue is definition of the sport related income and specific exceptions to the NBA Cap that cause NFL players to think they are underpaid or negotiate the exceptions into the next CBA.

  45. I don’t think this is a productive conversation at all. In 2015-2016 the average NFL team revenue was about…say, $350 million (Cowboys doubled that at $700 million). Divided by 53 players per roster comes to about $6.6 million if you cut out ALL other expenses (coaches, trainers, doctors, marketing, etc.). By contrast during the same period, the average NBA team revenue was about….say $175 million. But divided amongst rosters of 15 max is nearly $12 million per player – and that is forgetting about inactives since unlike the NFL where the whole roster pretty much suits up, I think the NBA CBA says only 8 can which means you’re carrying a practice squad.

    My point is you’re trying to compare apples and cucumbers. One is a fruit and the other is a vegetable. Basketball has pretty much always been the highest paid athlete sport as I recall (could be wrong) but their economics are very different from the NFL. You strike and I guarantee you will lose fans because most of your fans aren’t even making the league minimum. Greed sucks.

    And btw PFT this isn’t like the NCAA and student-athlete issues. These men are well-compensated for the entertainment they provide. The owners need to be as well. We don’t need an even greater degradation of the product on the field.

  46. Millionaires arguing with Billionaires will get little sympathy from those that are buying tickets on 5 or 6 digit salaries.

    Maybe its the fans that should go on strike until ticket, parking and concession prices come down.

  47. It’s absolutely amazing how many people are willing to side with the incredibly more wealthy owners instead of the players. Are people really that jealous? Do they need their modern day gladiator spectacle so much that they’re not willing to miss a few games in support of the players?

  48. In these times the owners could give a rats ass about guys like Sherman. They more or less use their teams as a 2nd hand toy or the guest house out back of their McMansions. Go ahead and strike!

  49. Go ahead, strike ! 1/2 the NFL players have no other skills but football. What else are they gonna do ? Walmart will only hire so many Greeters or shopping cart collectors.

  50. Its easy for Richard to say that when he’s a multi millionaire! I’ll enjoy watching replacements 🙂
    Sick of the NFL social justice anyways…

  51. Owners own. If you don’t like that, develop a new economic system. But until that time, it’s their team and their league. That’s the reality we have. You can always form your own league…but even if you managed it, I can bet that those of you who did would become just like the owners you so love to cast as demons now…at which point your moral outrage will have evaporated.

  52. It seems to me the players have a good point but the players union is the weakest. The last time they tried this they lost. What is surprising all these people supporting the owners. Maybe, us tax payers should build more new stadium for these billionaires. when most players are out the league 3 years, the owners will continue to make billions. I could care less about the NBA. You can’t compare the NBA to the NFL. WThe NFLPA better get better negotiators.

  53. are NFL players idiotic enough to think they can actually get as much as NBA players? Don’t be fools. It’s never been that way. Don’t expect things to magically change now.

  54. But if they are on strike will anyone care what Richard Sherman has to say anymore? How will he deal with not being the center of attention even when he complains about being the center of attention?

  55. So sayeth the future head of the NFLPA.
    And if anyone cares to explore what motivates Sherman’s words and actions, I think starting with his activism is probably a good spot

  56. They can get a better deal than they have now, but to match what the NBA can pay is not realistic with 53 man rosters combined with only 16 games a year.

  57. Evidently Sherman doesnt understand the “strike” rule in America. Belonging to a union, you cant go on strike without giving notice of when you will go on strike…you have to let them know time and day. There is no power in that, because teams will go to replacements. People who make 30,000 to 70, 000 or more a year do not have any sympathy for a MILLIONAIR GOING ON STRIKE. The power is with the team. If anyone remembers Sean Payton Coach of the Saints was a replacement player as a QB. Good luck Mr. Sherman.

  58. Players should get 65% of revenue. I think contracts should not be guaranteed. That’s why the regular season is the best compared to other crap sports. 32 owners can afford to get a few million less that should go to the players.

  59. Last contract was all about money. The players got a bigger percentage of the revenue pie, but gave up a LOT in power to the “Commish”.

    I beg you guys…. go ahead and show your solidarity for the financial end of things, but for the love of the game, make the commissioner accountable to someone besides the owners. Otherwise it’s just going to be another case of 3 lions and a sheep, deciding what to have for dinner.

  60. …and since it all gets passed on to the fans, we fans need to be willing to strike as well…

  61. From a previous study paid for by NFLPA. They want to tell the owners what they should focus on. There have always been a question what revenues should be shared.

    The owners seem to be focusing on net
    operating income, which is the wrong measure and can be very misleading. If one focuses on total return, which is the appropriate measure, the owners have done extremely well.

  62. MLB, NHL, and NBA all lost 1/2 to a full season and here we are 20 years later and no one cares about those strike years and they all make TONS more money than the NFL players do and their careers are a LOT longer with a lot LESS long-term physical damage.

    If the NFLPA was smart they would strike. If they continue to be scared of fans thinking they’re greedy I don’t want to hear any more complaints about pay….

  63. Sorry but in most businesses your pay is set by your skill set not by how much your employer makes unless you are partner.

    While these players are among the best at what they do catching and throwing a ball and tackling players aren’t exactly unique skill sets.

    High school games are in many ways just as entertaining as NFL games…

  64. Short term guarantee contracts are better than longer term contracts with bonuses? The number of years of the contract with bonuses are used to amortize the bonus. It would be better for the owners to stop giving players bonus money upfront. Older veterans would get squeezed out and there would be more UDFAs. If that’s what they want fine. Teams would still only have so much money to spend under the salary cap each year.

  65. They make more money per game then anyone else. This goes to show you how stupid Richard Sherman is.

    NFL can’t compete $$$$ wise because of this.

    16 games
    53 man roster

    Just because they want the #’s others guys get, and are envious of, doesn’t mean they can get it.

    Striking won’t do crap to get them those numbers.

    Just a reminder….
    162 games 24 man roster
    82 games 15 man roster with 2 spots for NBA/GLeague two way contracts.

    So let’s break it down. Games per roster spot.

    NFL plays 0.30 games per roster spot
    NBA plays 4.82 games per roster spot
    MLB plays 6.48 games per roster spot

    What this means is that the NFL salaries are actually ABOVE everyone else already per game played.

    It means MLB plays over 21x the games per roster spot then the NFL does.

    Richard Sherman, out of touch with reality. No surprise. He doesn’t like facts, he talks about his feelings and uses them as a substitute for facts.

  66. Funny how you don’t see the NFLPA stand up for the little guy in regard to distribution of the existing pie. How about instead of the Flacco’s, Brees’ and Manning’s of the league sucking up 20 mill plus cap QB’s at around 10-12 mill max and share some with other guys.

  67. Few things:
    1) Striking? I don’t think guys like Luck, Carr, Rodgers, Von Miller, Suh or any other top ten ‘got paid’ player is going to sit out? It doesn’t make sense–they’re not in the same boat as bottom tier players.

    2) And then you consider higher tier guys like Sherman who got a guaranteed $40 million contract ($12mm for just signing the contract) and you wonder, what exactly is your issue with your paycheck?

    If you want to get paid an NBA salary go play basketball.

    3) What exactly isn’t fair about your paycheck–that the owners are too greedy? Sure, across the board, the rich are getting richer, but they paid to be in that position. Consider this: the Pegula’s paid over a $1billion for the Buffalo Bills.

    4) Lastly, players who do strike will easily be replaced with the following: CFL players, AFL players, practice squad players, and every unsigned free agent. The game will go on, and football fields will be filled with grateful men.

  68. People will have no sympathy for players that make the kind of money they make and CHOOSE to walk out.
    If the players really think they will break the NFL they should rethink that premise…..the owners could very well break the union.

    That’s the cold hard reality

  69. Never ceases to amaze me: how angry fans get when players talk about wanting more money. Why? Just because you want to pay less to watch people sacrifice their bodies for your enjoyment?

    What makes football compelling is that the entertainment consists of young men running into each other; throwing and catching balls and “scoring points” is just the mechanism used to justify contact. It is the only major team sport that requires collisions. (Rugby isn’t a major sport in this country.)

    It hurts to play football, and it hurts large number of players. So, if the players want more money and can get it, fine with me. The owners will find a way to survive. And if it makes football too expensive to watch, I’ll go watch rugby.

  70. People who are otherwise diehard labor/common man supporters consistently support the owners over the players. Could it be because a majority of the players are African-American, while the owners are Caucasian? It seems that the attitude toward the players is “perform for us, but don’t get too uppity”.

  71. Nobody has said it yet but the reality is the majority of the membership of the NFLPA has a tendency to spend every penny they make each season, living paycheck to paycheck, leaving them nothing to live on should a strike be called.
    In order to gain the compensation they deserve and/or desire it is absolutely necessary for the union membership to be prepared to sit-out, potentially, an entire season without a paycheck.
    With this thought in mind, I don’t believe the majority of the union membership would agree to go an entire season without pay and the ownership is quite aware of that.
    The thought of striking players starting their own league during a strike is absurd. Network television would never agree to televise striking NFLer’s games as they’d fear the backlash from their NFL partners, thus there would be no TV money to pay the players.
    The thought that the weakest union in professional sports could organize a league with striking players is ridiculous.
    What the NFLPA should have done once they agreed to the last piss-poor CBA is to have been socking away the millions of dollars necessary to support the players during a strike. Their short sightedness will ultimately shine through if a strike ever is considered.

  72. Please don’t strike in 2021. Strike now while the Pats and Brady are still dominant. Four years from now when Brady is gone and NE is rebuilding some of our favorite teams i.e. Dallas, Oakland, NYJ etc might have a legitimate chance to win a SB

  73. The Redskins won 2 super bowls after the players struck and shortened the 2 different seasons. The owners showed that they are willing to endure a strike.

  74. Sherman’s right about this…But are the players willing to accept lower guaranteed contracts for shorter terms. If we really look at an NFL contract it’s a really a series of 1 year deals with only a pro-rated portion of the signing bonus guaranteed.

  75. Sherman is wrong. The players’ earnings are by any objective sports measure what the market dictates – what NBA and baseball players get is woefully inflated, and in the NFL the players are not entitled as they are in baseball – the Pablo Sandoval failure showcases how guaranteed contracts guarantee entitlement and thus greed. MLB needs to eliminate guaranteed money because it’s costing the players themselves with the idiotic gap that exists between high-end and low-end earnings.

    Nor is Sherman or anyone else even supposed to care what NBA etc. players get – they get more than enough; they need to stop spending their money as they do.

  76. Someone I think ought to just give Richard Sherman some basic facts along with the rest of the players.

    He is supposed to be a Stanford graduate?

    Just something simple, about trying to compare the salaries of baseball and basketball players.

    First of all, Richard Sherman, you are one of 53 players on a given NFL roster. NBA rosters have 9 players. Get that Sherman? NINE. Compared to 53 in the NFL.

    In baseball, it is a 25 man roster for MLB teams. Get that Sherman? TWENTY FIVE.

    Baseball, has 81 HOME GAMES. Get that Sherman? EIGHTY ONE.

    The NBA has 41 HOME GAMES. Get that Sherman? FORTY ONE.

    Also, let us consider the nature of the sports. The injury risk. There is no way economically for an NFL franchise to guarantee a 10 year contract to players, when there is a very distinct possibility those players may be hurt during most of those years.

    Too much to risk for a franchise to have all of that money to be on the books.

    This guy is supposed to be educated?

  77. The Redskins won 2 super bowls after the players struck and shortened the 2 different seasons. The owners showed that they are willing to endure a strike.

    ’87 showed just how weak the Players Union was.

    BIG name players crossed the picket line, like Joe Montana, Lawrence Taylor.. They either didn’t honor what the Union was fighting for, or cared more about their paycheck.

    … I don’t believe the same rules apply today though. Look at Davis and Spanos. With ALL their wealth tied to their football team, do you REALLY think they could withstand a long-term outage?

  78. “They can use their free education they received”

    The only problem with that is that they never went to classes so they didn’t learn anything.

  79. there was no “free” education – they earned it. Colleges earned money off of their athleticism.

    Strike! Way to lead them Sherman. I can’t wait until you’re head of the NFLPA!

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