Auburn coach Gus Malzahn wants NFL to better protect Cam Newton

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Auburn coach Gus Malzahn is tired of seeing Cam Newton get hit so much. Malzahn argued Thursday that the former Auburn quarterback doesn’t receive as much protection as other quarterbacks in the NFL.

“With all the referees in the NFL, and all that, they need to protect him like they do the rest of the quarterbacks,” Malzahn said Thursday at SEC Media Days.

Newton publicly complained last year about the lack of penalties he gets for being hit illegally. The Panthers quarterback spoke to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in November about the late hits.

Newton was sacked 36 times and hit a total of 93 times last season. That doesn’t count the hits he took on 90 rushing attempts.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said earlier this week on Sirius XM that the draft additions of Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel should help Newton get the ball out quicker.

27 responses to “Auburn coach Gus Malzahn wants NFL to better protect Cam Newton

  1. This is bull. Just bull. Newton isn’t in any more danger than any other quarterback. Maybe Gus should put the NCAA investigators out there as Cam’s offensive line. They did a nice job blocking for him at Auburn.

  2. I’m sure Cam is working on a new dance routine wearing a tutu and high heels. Because he sure isn’t practicing to dive for a loose ball on the field.

  3. Phooey! Defensive players should be allowed to hit Scam Newton WELL after the whistle. Or Camera Newton if you prefer. I personally prefer he be out of the league as soon as possible.

  4. Newton was sacked 36 times last year? Russell Wilson was sacked 41 times last year and that is the lowest number of sacks he has had since he entered the league in 2012. The Seattle offensive line is rated as the worst in pro football. Yet he has never whined once about getting hit.

    Get real Newton. And dive on fumbles in the Super Bowl with the game still on the line.

  5. Everyone loves to have Cam on the fantasy team because he will take a hit and get the extra yard, or he will break the sack to scramble and extend the play. Say what you will, but no one has Tom Brady on there fantasy team because he will run for 20 and hit the defender on the way to the end zone.

    You can not blame a defender for not pulling back and going full force on every play. If I sat an watched film all week on a QB that embarrassed defensive players… damn straight I would do all I could to not end up on that high light reel.

  6. Yeah. More rules protecting the QB are the wrong way to go. I’m a panthers fan, so I definitely agree there were a lot of fouls on him that weren’t called (we got regular apology letters from the league office last year), but the word was out that if you hit him enough he folds. Better O line and quicker passes and this all goes way.

  7. So he got hit/sacked 93 times then 90 more times as a rusher.

    Speaking only for the rushing hits the Panthers arent doing him any favors by rushing him so much. Those numbers equal out to a little over 5.5 sacks/hits per game as a passer and another 5.5 hits per game as a rusher.

    Too many rushing attempts for a franchise QB. Hes athletic enough to do it, but its dumb on the Panthers part. Those are guaranteed hits you are bringing on your QB unless he can get out of bounds, and many of those you still take a hit on.

  8. Sorry Gus, no preferential treatment for one of your boys. Nice try though. If Cam wants to be a QB, he’ll get protected like a QB. If Cam wants to be a RB, he’ll get protected like a RB. It’s Cam’s choice. Everybody gets treated the same. No preferential treatment. No unfair advantages.

  9. His legacy will be the guy who whined and complained because the game is to brutal for him…

    RB, WR, Corners and safeties take far more bashing and insane hits per game and you don’t hear them pouting…
    He just wants special treatment for being a QB….
    How about, Toughen up!

  10. I am not a fan of Scam because he is shady. But he got hit late a lot. The exact opposite of Aaron Rodgers’s treatment. Breathe hard on him & Aaron is lobbying for the call and he usually gets it. The refs sure take care of the packers.

  11. I think a lot of you are missing the point…Rules are Rules and need to be enforced with no bias across the board whether you love or hate the player.

    It is not about the hits that occur because of his running attempts it’s the hits that happen within the pockets, behind the line of scrimmage and the while going out of bounds. If you brush up against or graze the helmet of Drew Brees you will incur a 15 yard penalty. One game last years Cam slide out of bounds it was a late slide and took a full shot to the head…no flag…can you honestly say that if Tom Brady slide while going out of bounds and a d-lineman tee’d off on his head it wouldn’t be a penalty.

    How about this as a society why don’t we let people who are in the country illegally in this country walk on DUI’s while driving with no insurance and have been deported 6 or 7 times…oh yeah we do ask the Lake family from San Diego how their 6 year old is doing…he was only deported 15x.

  12. The fix is simple:
    Gus Malzahn can stop watch Panther games.
    Or Cam can stop running with the ball and just go down if no one is open.
    Either works for me.

  13. What a bunch of nonsense. Just a bunch of haters who don’t like Cam personally clouding your thinking with biased wrong facts. Cam not tough?? You have to be kidding he takes a ton of hits, he is ridiculously tough. Some of the hits he took last year after when QBs are supposed to be hit were absurd, throw out the running plays. To say to the contrary is simply not true.

  14. If Cam Cheating won’t fall on a fumble in the big game, why should we protect him when he has every opportunity to throw the ball away.

    Showboating and dancing and rubbing everyone’s nose in his SUPERIORITY is grounds for giving him all he can handle.

    Act like a man and get a man’s protection.

    Act like a child and you can expect a trip to the woodshed every time.

  15. As usual, the ‘Bama “Cam got paid at Auburn” fantasy rules people’s brains when Cam Newton’s name comes up. It makes them think Cam is the first person to ever do end zone dances, that while he’s standing in the pocket and getting clubbed in the head is OK because he’s not a QB, that he’s the first player to pass on recovering a fumble in a game that was already over, and that asking for the same treatment that Brady, Rodgers and Brees get makes him a crying baby.

    I still hold out hope that you people will realize that Cam didn’t get paid at Auburn and that countless other players have done end zone dances, and your irrational, unfounded hatred will subside.

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