Brandon Marshall: I wouldn’t have made it through entire season with Jets

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Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall cut off his interview with a Boston radio station on Thursday when they continued to ask him questions about topics he said he wasn’t willing to discuss, but he was able to make it through the entire interview with a station closer to home.

That meant there was time for Marshall to say that he wouldn’t have made it through the whole season had the Jets not granted his request for a release early in the offseason. Marshall said that he foresaw the mass exodus of veterans from the roster and that he would not have been a happy camper had the Jets decided to make him an exception.

“I just knew I couldn’t be in that environment. I think everyone knows the type of personality I am at this point in my career,” Marshall said on “Boomer & Carton” on WFAN. “I wouldn’t have made it through an entire season knowing that we didn’t have a chance. That’s all you want as a player, you just want a chance.”

Marshall also said he thought the Jets were guilty of “bad business” for waiting to release linebacker David Harris and wide receiver Eric Decker until late in the offseason, although he agreed that all three players have landed in spots that offer them a better chance of winning than they would have had if they’d remained with the Jets.