Brent Grimes says he considered switch to basketball this year

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Buccaneers cornerback Brent Grimes and his wife Miko have drawn plenty of attention thanks to Miko’s outspoken presence on social media and some of the greatest hits from her accounts were recounted in a profile of the couple that went live this week.

Miko’s presence was a much bigger deal when Grimes was playing for the Dolphins and, per the couple, looking to get released so that he could play elsewhere. That’s exactly what happened and Grimes’ time in Tampa has been more placid, although not so satisfying that Grimes hasn’t thought about doing something else.

He told writer Jack Dickey that he considered retiring from the NFL this offseason so that he could try out for the NBA’s developmental league, which Miko called a “real league” and Grimes said was less stifling than the NFL.

“The NFL doesn’t have a cool vibe. They make everyone look the same, with their shoes and socks the same way,” Brent Grimes said.

At 5’10” and about to turn 34, Grimes’ hoop dreams seem unlikely to be fulfilled. His football skills remain high, however, and that should continue to serve him well in Tampa even if hosiery freedom isn’t where he’d like it to be.

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  1. “The NFL doesn’t have a cool vibe. They make everyone look the same, with their shoes and socks the same way,” Grimes said.

    She’s a deep thinker. I’d like to see what she scores on the Wonderlic.

  2. And here is a player that had the right idea. He didn’t like what was going on with football and decided to get another job. Then when he realized the puny amount of money he’d make at another job he came back to reality, shut up, and went to go play football.

    Seriously. If these guys want to earn what NBA players earn, go play in the NBA then. Nothing stopping them from not playing football anymore.

  3. You know what would be cool? If none of the uniforms were allowed to match.
    No player on a team would have the same color jersey. Socks couldn’t match. Neither could cleats. Same for helmets.
    Utter chaos. Then the game would have a good vibe.

  4. A lot of NFL players are concerned about getting better health coverage for their families after retirment, or improving the safety of the game, profit sharing etc. Than there’s Brent Grimes. He just wants to be able to wear cool shoes and socks.

    This is honestly one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

  5. It would be awesome if he could actually play basketball too. He didn’t even make our high school team.

  6. The NBA is a “real” league? Of what, the 2 teams where the biggest super stars decide to go to? No thanks, boring.

    If he wants to see a “real” league then he only needs to drive 20 minutes from Raymond James to Amalie Arena where the Lightning play.

    However he may not like that either since all of the players wear the same socks and black skates.

  7. So riddle me this. He’s 34 and htinks now he can switch to a different sport and he’ll be happy in the Development League (renamed the G-League because of sponsorship from Gatorade) riding the bench? It’s a joke to even to think that. He may have played basketball in high school but he didn’t at college and when you (presumably) can’t play basketball at Shippensburg State what makes you think you can play in the G-League? Most of those guys in the D-League were pretty good D-I players. Remember, the NBA consists of only 64 picks. All because he doesn’t want to look the same as everyone else. Here’s a thought. If it’s that bad just quit. Then see how long people care about anything you and your wifey say.

  8. “The NFL doesn’t have a cool vibe. They make everyone look the same, with their shoes and socks the same way,”

    Say what? This is your well-thought out reasoning for why you might leave a profession that’s afforded you the opportunity to earn more money than you are ever likely to see again in your lifetime?

  9. Tebow has a better shot at making the majors than Grimes does to make the NBA, let alone the D-League

  10. More idiot speak and lack of awareness out of the two of them. Not that he would make it but if he did a top D league contract is $26K, giving him 7,9740,000 reasons a year to tolerate having to put up with the No Fun League and their silly uniform requirements 16 times a year. As self involved and numb as Miko has shown herself to be I am sure she was able to do that math for her husband. Only 1/79th of that difference annually was enough incentive for me to put up with my workplace’s requirement to wear a tie 5 days a week for 4o years but then I may have let such mundane things as providing for my family cloud my judgement when it came to selling out and suborning my individuality.

  11. Dude has made some 50 mil in his career. He is set for life. Life happiness is more important than money. Especially when you already have millions of it.

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