Danny Amendola signs modeling contract

Getty Images

Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola took a pay cut this offseason, but he’s found a way to supplement his income.

Amendola’s fashion sense led GQ.com to do a feature on what he wore to Wednesday night’s ESPY Awards and Ford Models announced on Thursday that they have signed Amendola to a contract that will allow him to pursue a sideline in that arena.

“We are thrilled to represent Danny Amendola, not only one of the top athletes in his field, but also a man of great character,” Ford Models Men’s Director Sam Doerfler said in a press release. “Danny’s work ethic, drive, and track record of success help make him the perfect fit to partner with some of the best brands and creative teams in the fashion industry, and we look forward to bringing him those opportunities.”

Amendola told GQ.com that he is a football player “first and foremost,” but that he’s excited about the chance to explore the fashion world via his arrangement with the modeling agency. If all goes well, he may be joining the team’s head coach on magazine covers at some point in the near future.