Marvin Lewis: Bengals did due diligence before selecting Joe Mixon


No one ever questioned Joe Mixon’s talent. It’s the video of him in 2014 punching a female University of Oklahoma student that has raised questions about the Bengals using a second-round choice on the former OU running back.

The Bengals have defended the selection since, including an open letter written by owner Mike Brown as way of explanation.

Coach Marvin Lewis reiterated that the Bengals did their due diligence before deciding to select Mixon.

A lot of time, a lot of research,” Lewis said Thursday on Sirius XM, via “Time spent with Joe. Time researching people around Joe. Joe’s past in East Bay [California]. All those kinds of things that way. His past on campus at Oklahoma since the incident. So, there couldn’t be any other red flags to say, ‘Well, well, maybe…’ No, no, no. It had to be clean, and Joe knows that. He knows going forward, it has to stay clean all the time. He’s lived on the tip of the sword for three years now, and he’s got to continue to probably for the rest of his life.”

If Mixon stays out of trouble, he should become a big part of the Bengals offense. Cincinnati has had 1,000-yard rushers only twice the past five years, with Jeremy Hill rushing for 1,124 yards in 2014 and BenJarvis Green-Ellis going for 1,094 in 2012.

“He’s off the charts talent-wise,” Lewis said. “Big, fast, catch, run, see, smart — and he’s a 20-year-old kid. He’s as smart as a whip. You know, I mean, those things are fun. And I keep reminding everybody, he’s a 20-year-old kid. Keep understanding that. Let Joe continue to grow and develop as we go.”

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  1. Teams usually draft questionable characters with great talent if they think it will help them win a title. Marvin Lewis has a long list of these guys he’s drafted and no playoff success to show for it. Might be close to time to start a new strategy, either with new players, or more likely, a new coach…

  2. “He’s as smart as a whip. You know, I mean, those things are fun.”

    I think even a whip might be smarter, and they both like to beat things.

  3. I think “Due Diligence” should be the Bengals new team slogan.

    Come to our games, Bengals fans, and see what our Due Diligence means to the 2017 Bengals!

    Sure, they might have had their past troubles, but not a single one will celebrate a TD, because that really drives Marvin Lewis nuts

    (maybe Lewis has PTSD over Chad Johnson still?)

    I believe Mixon had some prior issues in high school, but apparently, the father that had claimed Mixon also hit his daughter in high school gave the full retraction.

    Surely nobody connected to Mixon paid up, or told him to change his tune or else.

    At least he’ll have great people on the Bengals to party with.

  4. players with flaws seems to have worked for the squealers
    big been r stburger and coaches going on the field to draw penalties and the best of all coach tripping opposing players as they run down the field.

  5. I’m conflicted with the drafting of Joe Mixon.

    After watching his football tape… he might have been the #1 pick of the 2017 NFL draft (if it wasn’t for his non-football tape).

    Unfortunately… this is what you get when you draft a running back from Oklahoma.

    SEE: adrian peterson
    SEE: lawrence phillips
    SEE: joseph randall

  6. So the guy doesn’t sit back when someone assaults him.. wish my team would’ve grabbed him.

  7. To much hype. Good not great player and much worse man. Here’s to hoping the kids blows his knee out on the first play and never plays again.

  8. The draft was 3 months ago. Oh, I have an idea. Let’s trash someone’s draft pick.

  9. I’ve never walked into a joint and been slapped by a woman (or a man). I don’t know how I’d react, but I’d be shocked. It’s a spur of the moment reaction. If somebody jumps up and slaps me, they might get popped. I can’t say for sure. The neighborhoods I grew up in were pretty calm and civilized. Women didn’t hit men where I came from. I can’t judge a man until I’ve walked in his shoes. If it’s a black man, lots of people have already him judged. He had three strikes on him before he ever got up to bat. That’s just the cold hard facts. Oh well.

  10. Marvin Lewis is a joke of a man and the Bungals are a joke of a team.

    I hope Mixon knocks Lewis out so we can hear what he’ll say then.

  11. I like that he refers to breaking a girls face as “the incident”. It sounds like the only due diligence they did was looking at his on field work.

  12. Unfortunately… this is what you get when you draft a running back from Oklahoma.

    SEE: adrian peterson
    SEE: lawrence phillips
    SEE: joseph randall


    Except Lawrence Phillips went to Nebraska and Joseph Randall is Joseph Randle who went to Oklahoma State.

  13. If a team like the Patriots or Steelers drafted this guy,
    it’d be a genius/shrewd move but since it’s the Bengals,
    the kooks are coming out of the wood work to trash them.

    Whatever. :/

  14. yep the Bengals have a history of giving troubled players a second second and third chance if Patriots took him Belichick would not allow a third chance.

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